Registration fee is as follows:

International participants: US $ 30
Local participants: Rs.5000 (There are fee waivers applicable for local participants from selected organizations, educational institutions, and professional organizations. Please contact the conference secretariat to check your eligibility for a fee waiver, prior to registering) Conference secretariat Email:

For authors: Each registration is applicable for two papers that are presented at the conference.

For more info: visit conference website

There are two options for registration.

1.  Credit card payment:
Register via EDAS conference management system. If you are paying by credit card, this is the only option available. You need to register in EDAS, select the 12th ICPT conference and make payments by credit card under the relevant registration link. For authors who have already registered in EDAS, they can use their existing account and complete the registration. Follow the link given below to register in EDAS. (click create new account)

2.  Bank transfer: 
You need to complete the bank transfer and update the transfer details in this form or email to the conference secretariat. 
Bank transfer details
•    Account Name: University of Moratuwa
•    Account Number:     306836
•    Bank Name: Bank of Ceylon 
•    Bank address: No: 605, Galle Road, Katubedda, Sri Lanka

Note - Please be kind enough to complete the registration and send us the registration form via email by 7th of July, 2021. 

You can find the registration form through the following link.