The International Committee on Pavement Technology (ICPT) is a non-profit non-governmental organization hosted by the Centre for Transportation Research of the National University of Singapore. The ICPT was established in 1992 under an agreement between the Centre for Transportation Research, National University of Singapore, and the Pavement Engineering Society (Singapore). The permanent secretariat of the ICPT is hosted by the Centre for Transportation Research, National University of Singapore. The first ICPT conference was held in Singapore in 1993 as a Southeast Asian regional event focusing on pavement construction and maintenance technology. It was the success and positive experience of the first conference that led to the decision to launch the ICPT series of international conferences, formally known as the International Conference on Road & Airfield Pavement Technology. Subsequent ICPT conferences were held in Singapore (1995), Beijing (1998), Kunming, China (2000), Seoul (2005), Sapporo, Japan (2008), Bangkok (2011), Taiwan (2013), Dalian, China (2015), Hongkong (2017), Kuala Lumpur (2019).


Conference Program


Title Authors
A Brief Review: Application of Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate as a Modifier for Asphalt Binder Mohamed Meftah Ben Zair; Fauzan Mohd. Jakarni; Ratnasamy Muniandy; Salihudin Hassim; Anwaar Hazoor Ansari
A Comparative Investigation on the Effectiveness of a Wax and a Resin Based Curing Compound an an Alternate of Water Curing for Concrete Pavement Slab Pankaj Goel; Rakesh Kumar
A Framework for Selecting Safety Treatments for Rural Roads R. K. T. k. Ranawaka; H. R. Pasindu; Ishani Dias
A Review on Utilization of C & D Waste for Road and Pavement Construction in the International Context and Applicability of the Findings to Sri Lanka Kokila Pranad Arandara; S. T. Priyadarshana; Ranjith Dissanayake; Ganila Paranavithana
Alkali Activated Black Cotton Soil Using Class F Fly Ash and Limestone Powder with Areca Fiber Reinforcement Chethan B A; A u Ravi Shankar
An Assessment of the Polishing Behaviour of Road Surfacing Aggregates in Sri Lanka Hirushi Vandana Thenuwara; H. R. Pasindu; Chamindi Jayasuriya
Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Semi-Circle Bending Fatigue Crack Propagation of Asphalt Mixture Likui HUANG, Pan ZHANG, Wei SONG, Xiaodong FENG, Shu YANG
Analysis of Skidding Potential and Safe Vehicle Speeds on Wet Horizontal Pavement Curves Jia Peng; Chu Longjia; Tien Fang Fwa
Applicability of Gneiss Based Mineral Aggregates for the Use in High Friction Surface Treatment in Terms of Polishing Characteristics Hirushi Vandana Thenuwara; H. R. Pasindu
Applications of Molecular Dynamics in Asphalt Pavement Mixture Studies Huiping Wan; Chu Longjia; Tien Fang Fwa
Asphalt Pavement Texture Level and Distribution Uniformity Evaluation Using Three-Dimensional Method Shihao Dong; Sen Han
Assessment of Fine Aggregates' Roles on the Packing of Porous Asphalt Mixtures (PAM) Dana M Kusumawardani
Assessment of Laboratory and Field Compaction of Dense Graded Aggregate Bases (DGAB) Asela Bambarandage; Nalaka Jayantha; Wasantha K Mampearachchi
Assessment of Operating Speeds of Rehabilitated Rural Roads with Asphalt Surfacing Dishan Markandu; Dakshitha Wijeratne; Wasantha K Mampearachchi
Assessment of Present Pavement Condition Using Machine Learning Techniques Madhavendra Sharma; Pradeep Kumar
Automatic Pavement Crack Rating for Network-Level Pavement Management System Jun Yew Tan; Teron Nguyen; Sothinathan Kapilan; Yin Fong Leong
Carbon Footprint Assessment of Steel Slag Asphalt Pavement in Singapore Swarna Kamala Subramaniam
Challenges for the Compaction and Proving of Granular Fills and Layers in Airport Pavements Greg White
Chemical Properties of Modified Bitumen Incorporating Coconut Char Rosmawati Mamat
Clogging Resistance of High Strength Pervious Concrete Ming-Gin Lee; Yung-Chih Wang; Wei-Chien Wang; Yatsenko Elena; Shou-Zjan Wu
Comparative Assessment of CMSDBC and HMSDBC Competency Gautam Prakash; Sanjeev Suman
Comparison of Flexible Airfield Pavement Designs Using FAARFIELD v1.42 and APSDS 5.0 Gary Chai
Determination of Asphalt Content of Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures, an Evaluation Study of Ignition Method Al-Sebaeai Maged; ALjaboobi Mohammed; Khalil Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti
Development of Design Guidelines for Composite-Geogrid Reinforced Unpaved Pavements Chamara P Gunasekara Jayalath; Chaminda Gallage; Kasun Wimalasena
Development of Performance Grade Based Specification for Polymer Modified Bitumen in SEA Region Lu Jia, Manpreet Sethi and Kluttz, Bob
Development of Statistical Deterioration Model for Low Volume Roads in Indian Scenario Vijay B g; Raghavendra Sanganaikar
Effect of Hot Storage on Engineering Properties of Polymer Modified Binders and Asphalt Mixtures Jian-Shiuh Chen
Effect of Segregation Tendency of Aggregates on Macroscopic Properties of Asphalt Mixture Based on Composite Geometric Characteristics Jinfei Su; Peilong Li
Effects of Moisture Damage Sensitivity of Asphalt Mixtures Incorporating Treated Plastic as Additive Siti Nur Naqibah Kamarudin; Muhammad Naqiuddin Mohd Warid; Mohd Khairul idham Mohd Satar; Noor Azah Abdul Raman; Mohd Rosli Hainin
Effects of Recycled Plastic on the Performance of Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) Aye Nandar Win Maung; Nyok Yong Ho; Guo Wei Tiah; Kelvin Lee; Kai Yi
Efficient finite element methodology for the determination of thermal conductivity of asphalt mixture Huichen Wang, L. Chu, Lei He and T. F. Fwa
Evaluation of Rutting Properties of Asphalt Binders and Mixtures with Tire Pyrolytic Char Abhinay Kumar; Rajan Choudhary; Ankush Kumar
Evaluation of the Structural Condition of Composite Pavement Endang Budiman; Bagus Hario Setiadji; Sri Wardani
Experimental Study of MOC Cement Based Micro Concrete for Repairing of Wide Cracks in PQC Beams/Concrete Pavements Rakesh Kumar; Avanish Singh
Factors Affecting the High Early Strength Development and the Methods for Testing High Early Compressive Strength of the Rigid Pavement Hoang Trung Hieu Duong; Chang-Chu Liu; Yu-Yang Li; Wei-Chien Wang; Shuei-Lien Fang; Tien-Yu Chen; Tai-Chiang Kao
Feasibility of Usage of Waste Plastic as a Bitumen Modifier: A Review Wasantha K Mampearachchi; Shankani Gunarathna
Feasibility Study on Pavement Rutting Evaluation Method Based on Smartphone Jinxi Zhang; Peirong Wang; Dandan Cao; Jingxiang Zeng
Feasible Treatment Selection for Routine Maintenance of Flexible Pavement Using Fuzzy Logic Expert System Rajnish Kumar
Functional Condition Evaluation of Airfield Pavements Using Automated Road Survey System - A Case Study of a Small Sized Airport Pradeep Kumar; Madhavendra Sharma
Ice-Breaking and Skid Resistance Performance Evaluation of Asphalt Pavement Groove-Filled with Elastomer Tengfei Yao; Sen Han
Improved Calibration Procedure for British Pendulum Tester Weiwei Guo; Chu Longjia; Tien Fang Fwa
Influence of Coarse Aggregate Size and Type on the Design Thickness of Rigid Pavements for Indian Conditions Ashik Bellary; Suresha S N
Influence of Surface Treated Montmorillonite Nano Clay on Oxidative Aging Properties of Bitumen Aditya Kumar Das
Influence of Using Waste Materials as Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregates in Concrete Paver Blocks Ann George
Investigating Impact of Boundary Layer in Pervious Concrete Mohan Sajeevan; Navakulan Ahilash; Daniel Niruban Subramaniam
Laboratory Characterization of Cement-Treated Rock Rubble as Airfield Pavement Base Layer Jia Hao Tan; Qasim Khan; Yannick Ng; Ghim Ping Ong
Laboratory Investigations on Lateritic Soil Stabilized with RBI Grade 81, Coconut Fiber and Aggregates Chethan B A; A u Ravi Shankar
Low Temperature Performance Evaluation of Asphalt Rubber Based on Stress Relaxation Time Lili Han; Hongbing Guo; Shan Liu; Jiajian Zhu
Monotonic Loading Test to Investigate the Benefits of Composite Geogrids for Subgrade Improvement Kasun Wimalasena; Chaminda Gallage; Chamara P Gunasekara Jayalath; Jack Churchill
Numerical Simulation of Differential Settlement Resistance for Reinforced Joint Between New and Existing Pavement with RoadMesh Steel Wire Mesh Xu-dong Zha; Hao-jun Liu; Jian-hua Zhu
Optimising Pervious Concrete Design with Partial Replacement of Cement with Fly Ash Navakulan Ahilash; Mohan Sajeevan; Daniel Niruban Subramaniam
Performance of OGFC Using West Kalimantan Aggregates and Polymer Modified Bitumen Siti Mayuni
Performance Study of Pervious Concrete as a Road Pavement Infrastructure System Sujit Kumar Pradhan; Niranjan Behera; Anil Palai
Performance-Based Design for Binary-Blended Filler Application in Dense-Graded Cold Mix Asphalt Mohd Rosli Hainin
Physical and Rheological Properties of Cup Lump Rubber Modified Bitumen Anwaar Hazoor Ansari; Fauzan Mohd. Jakarni; Ratnasamy Muniandy; Salihudin Hassim; Zafreen Elahi; Mohamed Meftah Ben Zair
Predicting California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Value of a Selected Subgrade Material Kasun Wimalasena; Chaminda Gallage
Property Evaluation of Stone Mastic Asphalt with Chained Interlocking Plastic Bead System Ratnasamy Muniandy
Research on Design and Application of White plus Black Ultra-Thin Asphalt Concrete Overlay Yi Wen
Rheological Properties of Modified Binder Incorporating Coconut Char Rosmawati Mamat
Runway Grooving Techniques and Exploratory Study of the Deterioration Model Md Tofail Miah
Rutting and Cracking Performance of Asphalt Concrete Incorporating Plastic Waste & Crumb Rubber Moe Aung Lwin
Selection of Image Processing Algorithms for Evaluation of Pervious Pavement Pore Network Properties Ajayshankar Jagadeesh; Ghim Ping Ong; Yu-Min Su
Side Friction as a Cause of Poor Pavement Maintenance in India - A Study Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data Shishodiya Ghanshyam Singh; Vasantha Kumar S
Solar Energy Harvesting and Pavement Sensing Kang-Won Wayne Lee
Texture and Skid Resistance of Asphalt Concrete Surface Course Incorporating Geopolymer Artificial Aggregates I Dewa Made Alit Karyawan; Iswandaru Widyatmoko; Januarti Jaya Ekaputri; Ervina Ahyudanari
The Laboratory Evaluation of Friction in Thermoplastic Marking Materials in Conjunction with British Pendulum Tester Yu-Min Su
The Volumetric Challenge of Crumbed Rubber Modified Asphalt Mixtures Greg White
Utilization of Waste Cooking Oil as a Sustainable Product to Improve the Recycling of Asphalt Binder: A Review Mahmoud Ibrahim Eldeek; Fauzan Mohd. Jakarni; Ratnasamy Muniandy; Salihudin Hassim
Warm Mix Asphalt with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Kang-Won Wayne Lee
Waste Clay Brick Binders for Rigid Pavement Construction Janitha Madhavie Migunthanna; Rajeev Pathmanathan; Jay Sanjayan
Wavelet Coherence-Based Validation of Point Cloud Data for Pavement Profile Analysis Application Kazuya Tomiyama; Yuki Yamaguchi; Kazushi Moriishi; Yuki Kotani; Tomoya Itagaki


Mr. R.W. Pemasiri 

Secretary, Ministry of Highways

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka


Prof. Xiao

   Prof. Feipeng Xiao

   College of Transportation Engineering, Tongji University, China







Prf James    Prof. Yi-Chang James Tsai

    Georgia Tech School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, USA










  Prof. Aminesh   Prof. Animesh Das

     Department of Civil Engineering - Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

     Research Interests:

     Pavement material characterization, analysis,  design and evaluation              

     Keynote Lecture: Pavement design - past, present and future






Mr. Rama    Mr. Jothi Ramanujam

    Deputy Chief Engineer (Pavements, Material and Getechnicals)

    Queensland Transport and Main Roads Department, Australia


    2019 Queensland Engineer of the Year

    TRM Australia Day Award in 2015




Prof. David Hosin Lee : University of Iowa

Prof. Zhanping You : Michigan Technological University

Dr. Rakkitha Widanapathiranage : Department of Transport and Main Roads, Brisbane, Australia

Prof. Dharamveer Singh : IIT Mumbai

Dr. Ankit Gupta : IIT (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi

Dr. KHOO Hooi Ling : Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Dr. Ju Fenghua : Pavement Engineering Society, Singapore

Dr. Anupam Kumar : Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

Dr. Kelvin Lee : Samwoh Corporation Pte Ltd

Dr. Chan Chin Loong : Singapore Polytechnic

Teoh Sze Tean : Pavement Engineering Society, Singapore

Yoong Chin Chong : LTA (Singapore)

Prof. Jaritngam Saravut : Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Associate Prof. Boonchai Sangpetngam : Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Prof. Gary Chai : Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

Prof. Bagus H. Setiadji : Diponegoro University, Indonesia

Associate Professor Dr. Zhen Leng : The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Prof. Ratnasamy Muniandy : Universiti Putra Malaysia

Dr. Ong Ghim Ping : National University of Singapore

Dr. Tan Jun Yew : Samwoh Corporation Pte Ltd

Mr. Kapilan Sothinathan : Land Transport Authority, Singapore

Daniel TAN : Institute of Technical Education

Prof. T. F. Fwa : National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore

Prof. S. S. JAIN : Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India

Prof. Chen Jingyun : Dalian University of Technology, China

Dr. Santosh Kumar Srirangam : HSL Constructor Pte Ltd

Associate Prof. Dr. Dinh Van Hiep : National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE), Hanoi, Vietnam

Associate Prof. Kazuya TOMIYAMA, Dr.Eng. : Kitami Institute of Technology

Dr. Jia Lu : Valdosta State University

Prof. K. Wayne Lee : The University of Rhode Island

Assistant Prof. Yu-Min SU : National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST) , Taiwan

Dr. Vincent Guwe : Shell Specialities

Prof. Ming-Gin Lee : Chaoyang University of Technology

Dr. Prageeth Gunarathna : Department of Transport, Victoria, Australia

Dr. Longjia Chu : Changan University, China