Academic Staff Department of Medical Technology

Prof. R.A.R.C. Gopura
Ruwan Gopura
PhD in Robotics and Intelligent Systems (Saga, Japan)
MEng in Manufacturing Systems Engineering (Moratuwa)
BSc Engineering (Hons) (Moratuwa)
Dr. N.W.N. Dayananda
Dr. NWN Dayananda
PhD in Biomedical Engineering (Western University, Canada)
MESc in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Western University, Canada)
BSc. Eng. Hons. in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (Moratuwa)
Dr. C.P. Wijesiriwardena
Student Counsellor
Dr. C.P. Wijesiriwardena
PhD in Software Engineering
MSc in Information and Communication Technology
BSc (Special) Hons in Computer Science
Mr. S.C. Premaratne
Head, Department of Information Technology
Mr. S.C. Premaratne
PhD (Reading) Malaysia University of Science and Technology
M. Phil Multimedia Systems (UCSC)
BSc. Computer Science
Mr. T.M. Thanthriwatta
Mr. Thilina Thanthriwatta
Ph.D. Candidate (NUS)
BSc (Hons.) in IT, University of Moratuwa