Current Research Students

Current research students

  Student Name  Degree  Topic of research  Supervisor/s 
Ms. ANCKW Gunarathne  PhD   Identification of a theoretical basis to teach creativity in architectural education  Dr. Janaka Wijesundara 
Ms AUAA Samaraweera  PhD  Role of project culture on construction project management  Dr. (Mrs.) Y.G. Sandanayake, 
Dr. (Mrs.) Sepani Senaratne 
Mr. HS Jayasena  PhD  Integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) into Procurement Systems in Sri Lanka  Prof. (Mrs.) Chitra Weddikkara, 
Ch.Qs. Indunil Seneviratne,
Prof. Arto Kiviniemi 
Mr. S Rathnamalala  PhD - Unclassified  Architectural Photography, as a medium of objective documentation and Artistic Interpretation   Prof. (Mrs.) Chitra Weddikkara, 
Dr. U.G. Gunasekera 
Ms. Naiduwahandi Chathuri Manjula   M. Phil  A Behavior Based Approach to safety Performance Assessment in construction Industry  Dr. (Mrs.) Nayanthara De Silva 
Ms. DMPP Dissanayake  M. Phil  Human capacity development for strengthening the safety culture in manufacturing sector  Dr. (Ms.) Sachie Gunatilake, 
Dr. (Mrs.) N.G. Fernando 
Ms. WAAS Nimali  M. Phil  Integrated Value Networks for Total Asset Management in Infrastructure Facilities  Dr. (Mrs.) Nayanthara De Silva 
Mr. KAP Gunawardhana  PhD- Unclassified  Review of the current Procurement Systems for Addressing Sustainability Concerns  Dr. (Mrs.) Gayani Karunasena 
Ms. SU Wimaladharma  M. Phil  A Study on the changing landscape of the city of Kandy and its impact on the sense of place  Prof. Samitha Manawadu, 
Archt. Ashley de Vos,
Prof. Sung Kaum Kim 
10  Mr. DMH Gunasekara  PhD - Unclassified  Strategies to minimise challenges faced by construction organizations to retain construction professionals  Dr. (Ms.) T. Ramachandra, 
Dr. (Mrs.) N.G. Fernando 
11  Ms. WS Jayasinghe  MPhil  Evidence Based Model for Energy Sensitive Non- Domestic Buildings in Sri Lanka  Dr. (Mrs.) I.G.P. Rajapaksha 
12  Ms. KATO Ranadewa  PhD - Unclassified  Capacity Building in Construction SMEs in Developing Countries  Dr. (Mrs.) Y.G. Sandanayake, 
Dr. Mohan Siriwardena 
13  Ms. RMNU Rathnayake  MPhil  Management of Business Ethics in Apparel Industry: Context of Employee Behaviour and Working Conditions  Dr. (Mrs.) G.I. Karunasena, 
Dr. (Mrs.) Y.G. Sandanayake 
14  Ms. Mathusha Francis  MPhil  Choice of Procurement Methods and its Impact on Disputes in Construction Projects  Dr. (Ms.) T. Ramachandra  


Research completed


Name  Department  Degree  Topic of research  Supervisor/s 
Ms. Thanuja Ramachandra  Building Economics  MPhil  Study of the relationship between construction sector and economic growth in Sri Lanka  Prof. R. Rameezdeen 
Ms. GI K      
Ms. GBS Perera  Architecture  MPhil  Human exposure to street level air pollutants in Colombo and exploration of mitigation option using CFD modeling  Prof. M.P.R. Emmanuel 
Ms. Hiranthi Pathirana  Architecture  PhD  The concepts, principles and methodologies used in Sinhalese Jewellery  Prof. Nimal De Silva 
Mr. MGM Thariq  Architecture  PhD  Investigation of the interaction effects of sitting comfort and discomfort factors  Prof. Harsha Munasinghe,
Prof. John Abeysekera 
Mr. Ananda Ranasinghe  Building Economics  PhD  Principles of Natural Justice Arbitration  Prof. (Mrs.) Chitra Weddikkara 
Mrs. GM Ranatunga  Architecture  PhD  Process of causing influences on fashion of costumes  Prof. Nimal De Silva 
Mrs. B.A.K.S. Perera  Building Economics  M.Phil  Risk Identification and Risk Handling in Construction: A Consideration of the Project life cycle in Sri Lankan Road Projects  Prof. Lalith De Silva,
Prof. R. Rameezdeen 
Mrs. PVM Karunaratne  Architecture  PhD  Concepts and process of generating and communicating meanings in fashion of dress  Prof. Nimal De Silva 
Ms. WMND Ranasinghe  Integrated Design  MPhil   The key considerations to achieve design efficiency for functional use of domestic earthenware in Sri Lanka  Prof. Nimal De Silva 
Ms. KKGIC Samarasekara  Integrated Design  MPhil   The application of design innovation for increasing gem set jewellery exports in Sri Lanka  Prof. Nimal De Silva 
Mr. MDTE Abeynayake  Bulding Economics  MPhil  Critical Analysis of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods used in the Construction Industry in Sri Lanka  Prof. (Mrs.) Chitra Weddikkara 
Ms. AA Hettiarachchi  Architecture  PhD  Colour Associated Thermal Perception: Manifestation and Contributing Factors with Reference to Red and Blue  Prof. Nimal De Silva 
Mr. NGR Perera  Architecture  PhD  Climate - Sensitive Urban Public Space: A Sustainable Approach to Urban Heat Island Mitigation in Colombo, Sri Lanka  Prof. P.K.S. Mahanama,
Prof. R. Emmanuel 
Ms. N.R.K. Thilakarathna  Bulding Economics  MPhil  Framework for Lean implementation in Construction Process  Prof. Lalith De Silva,
Dr. (Mrs.) Y.G. Sandanayake,
Dr. (Mrs.) Sepani Senaratne 
Mr. ADJ Fernando  Architecture  MPhil  Impacts of Restoration of Ulpotha Micro-cascade in Galkiriyakanda Cascade in Environment and Rural livelihood   Prof. M.S.Manawadu 
Ms. B.H. Mallawaarachchi  Building Economics  MPhil  Study of Built Environment Factors Influencing Occupants’ Productivity: Green Certified Office Buildings in Sri Lanka   Prof. Lalith De Silva,
Prof. R. Rameezdeen 
Ms. K.G.A.S. Waidyasekara  Building Economics  PhD  Sustainable use of water in construction projects: the case of Sri Lanka   Prof. Lalith De Silva,
Prof. R. Rameezdeen 
Ms. H. Chandanie  Building Economics  PhD  Merging academic research and industry development requirements for an innovative construction management practice  Dr. (Mrs.) Y.G. Sandanayake,
Dr. (Mrs.) Sepani Senaratne,
Dr. (Mrs.) N.G. Fernando 
Ms. S.S.M.R. Samarawickrama  Architecture  PhD  An analysis of the sinhala typography and the optical relationship and legibility  Prof. M.S. Manawadu,
Prof. Rathnasiri Arngala,
Dr. Girish Dalvi