Current Research Students

Student Name  Department Degree Topic of research Supervisor/s
Mr. H.S. Jayasena Building Economics PhD Integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM) into Procurement Systems of Sri Lanka Prof. Chitra Weddikkara 
Prof. B.A.K.S. Perera  
Asoc. Prof. N.Thurairajah
Mr. K.A.P. Gunawardhana Building Economics PhD Review of the current procurement systems for addressing sustainability concerns Dr. (Mrs.) Gayanai Karunasena
Ms. K.A.T.O. Ranadewa Building Economics PhD Capacity building in construction SMEs in developing countries Prof. (Mrs.) Y.G. Sandanayaka 
Dr. Mohan Siriwardhena
Ms. Mathusha Francis Building Economics M.Phil Choice of procurement methods and its impact on disputes in construction projects Dr. (Ms.) T. Ramachandra
Ms.M.U. Bakmeewewa Architecture M. Phil The Dutch influences on transformation of Sinhalese costumes in reference to their social system Prof. M.S. Manawadu
Ms. N. Jayaweera Architecture PhD Investigating building form typologies for energy efficiency in high rise residential buildings in dense tropical urban areas. Dr. R.M.K.U. Rajapaksha
Dr. (Mrs.) M.M.I.D. Manthilaka
Ms. M.F.F. Fasna Building Economics M.Sc. Effective implementation of energy efficiency improvement retrofits in existing building Dr. (Ms.) Sachie Gunathilaka
Mr. U.S.N. Rodrigo Architecture M.Phil Developing an optimum airflow responsive built form for cooling in high-rise condominiums in tropics Dr. R.M.K.U. Rajapaksha
Ms.D.N. Abeynayake Building Economics PhD Modeling construction business towards sustainable growth   Prof. (Mrs.) B.A.K.S.Perera
Dr. (Mrs.) H. Chandanie
Ms.G.W.J.K.K. Wijesundara Architecture PhD Dimensions of urban form in sustainable urban neighbourhoods Dr. U.G.D. Weerasinghe
Ms. L.S. Eramudugolla Integrated Design M.Sc. Visual accuracy threshold of Sinhala fonts Dr. (Mrs.) S.S.M.R. Samarawickrama
Ms. B.L.S.W. Liyanarathne Integrated Design M.Sc. Development of a passive clay walling unit by optimizing evaporative cooling Mrs. W.M.N.D. Ranasinghe
Prof. R.U. Halwathura
Ms. W.M.N.D. Ranasinghe Integrated Design PhD Cognition features in the context of ceramic table ware products in Sri Lanka Prof. Ravi Poovaiah
Prof. M.S.Manawadu
Mr. S.R. Gunerathne Architecture M.Phil The transcendental experience of sacred landscapes: Conserving the mountain shrine   Dr. Upendra Rajapaksha
Ms. B.H. Mallawaarachchi Building Economics PhD Developing a guideline for enabling decarbonization of building construction projects Prof. (Mrs.) Y.G.Sandanayake
Mr. S.D.A. Soorige Building Economics PhD Assessment of total green building performance using post occupancy evaluation Prof. Lalith De Silva
Mr. J.K. Basnayake Building Economics PhD Development of a safety risk management framework for commercial LPG distribution system in Sri Lanka Dr. Nayanthara De Silva
Ms. M.C.V. Sellahewa Architecture M.Phil Understanding the contribution of high-rise building form in mitigating the urban heat island effect Dr. Narein Perera
Ms. O.P.D. Imali Architecture M.Sc. Sri Pada Pilgrimage trail; Development & Management guidelines for the protection and conservation Dr. (Ms.) Wasana De Silva
Ms. A.A.S.P. Samarasinghe Intergrated Design PhD Visual storytelling & typographic storytelling for children’s Sinhala picture narrative books to enhance their creative imagination Dr. (Mrs.) Sumanthri Samarawickrama
Prof. G.V. Sreekumar
Mr. J.M.D.K.P. Jayamanne Integrated Design M.Sc. Local Crafts and Design Business Strategies -An investigation into craft knowledge management for sustainable design business - Special reference to Aluvihara Heritage Center at Aluvihare, Matale Ms. Ruwandika Senanayake 
Archt. Channa Daswatte
Mr. P.H.S.D. Gunawardhana Integrated Design M.Sc. Sinhala display type classification Dr. (Mrs.) Sumanthri Samarawickrama
Dr.Girish Dalvi         
Mr. R.P. Subasinghe Integrated Design M.Sc. A Sinhala typeface for small screen digital interfaces Prof. Ravi Poovaiah
Dr. (Mrs.) Sumanthri Samarawickrama
Prof. Gihan Dias   


Ms. A.L.A.C. Pathiraja Town & Country Planning M. Phil Develop a GIS - based model to delineate the traffic impact area from proposed development (A Case Study of Western Province of Sri Lanka) Dr. Chameera De Silva
Dr. Amila Jayasinghe
Ms. G.L. Harindi Building Economics M.Sc. Grid - Tied PV Technology for Energy and Carbon Reduction in Apparel Manufacturing sector in Sri Lanka Dr. (Ms.) Anuradha Waidyasekara
Ms. B.S.C. Fernando Integrated Design M.Phil. Role of Authenticity in film production design: special reference to historical films of Sri Lanka Dr. (Mrs.) Sumanthri Samarawickrama                   Mr. Priyantha Fonseka
Ms. A.P.S. Mendis Integrated Design M.Phil. Branding for Sri Lankan export packaging design with special reference to traditional arts and crafts products Dr. (Mrs.) Sumanthri Samarawickrama
Ms. A.K.N.E. Rathnasiri Building Economics PhD Green Maintenance approach to ensure Health and Safety of stakeholders of Urban Spaces Dr. (Mrs.) Nayanthara de Silva
Dr. Janaka Wijesundara
Ms. L.W.G. Kawshalya Architecture M.Phil. The Role of Physical fabric of open public space in creating comfort and sense of safety in urban public realm Dr. D.P. Chandrasekara 
Dr. Janaka Wijesundara
Ms. N.B. Nanayakkara Building Economics M.Sc. Reaching and Research capacity of Built Environment Higher Education in Sri Lanka in the Field of Disaster Resilience (DR) Dr. (Mrs.) Menaha Thayaparan
Ms. M.R.S.M. Fernando Architecture M.Sc. Design Considerations for Livability of High-rise Housing: Residents Perceptions and Evaluation of Affordable Housing in Colombo Sri Lanka Dr. (Mrs.) S.B.A. Coorey
Mr. P.G. Fernando Building Economics PhD A Study on Legal and Regulatory Framework for Entertaining Unsolicited Proposals to Successfully Implement PPPs in Sri lanka Prof. (Mrs.) Udayangani Kulathunga 
Dr. (Mrs.) Chandanie
Dr. (Mrs.) Menaha Thayaparan
Mr. Yeongwu Son Architecture PhD Challenges for Hybrid Cooling in Tropics, a Case of Colombo Dr. Upendra Rajapaksha
Ms. H.A.Y.G. Hettiarachchi Architecture M.Phil.  Design Tolerance and Industrial Policy-Making as a Dual Strategy in Overcoming Skill and Training Limitation of the Construction Labour in Sri Lanka Dr. Milinda Pathiraja
Ms. M.S.N. de Zoysa Architecture M.Phil. Design Tools for Improving Involuntary Resettlement Walk-up Apartment Design in Sri Lanka Prof. Lalith De Silva
Dr. (Mrs.) S.B.A. Coorey
Ms. N.M.G.H. Sandagomika Building Economics M.Sc. Fostering Lean Construction through Human Capacity Building: Empirical Study in Construction Industry Prof. Mrs.) Yasangika Sandanayake
Ms. A.P.K.D.Mendis Building Economics PhD Inclusivity of Marginalised Communities During Post-Disaster Phase in Sri Lanka Dr. (Mrs.) Menaha Thayaparan
Dr. (Mrs.) Yamuna Kaluarachchi
Mr. H.A.E.C. Jayasena Building Economics PhD Abstracting Standard Forms of Contracts to Support Contractual Decision Making Towards e-Construction Administration Prof. (Mrs.) Udayangani Kulathunga       
Ms. K.I. Ridmika Building Economics M.Sc. Reviewing the Applicability of Techniques in Artificial Intelligence to Enhance the Green Construction Dr. (Mrs.) Menaha Thayaparan    
Ms. R.S.S. Disara Buildinng Economics M.Sc. Digitally Enhanced Disaster Preparedness Approach to Natural Disaster in Sri Lanka Prof. (Mrs.) Udayangani Kulathunga       
Ms. P.L.I. Wimalaratne Building Economics PhD Drive Suitable Procurement Strategy to Overcome Prevailing Procurement Challenges in Sri Lankan Construction Industry Prof. (Mrs.) Udayangani Kulathunga       
Mr. D.V.C. Dinushan Town & Country Planning MPhil Develop an ICT Based Model to Evaluate the Economic Impact from Mega Transportation Infrastructure Projects Dr. Chameera De Silva
Prof. Rangajeewa Rathnayake
Mr. L.A.D. Mendis Town & Country Planning MPhil GIS Based Spatial-Temporal Activity Based Transport and Land Use Model for Colombo Municipal Council Area Dr. Chameera De Silva
Prof. Rangajeewa Rathnayake
Ms. P.N.P. Wijayawardana Town & Country Planning M.Sc. A Framework to Simulate Urban Flooding Scenarios under Distinct Urban Morphology in Sri Lankan Context Dr. (Mrs.) C.C. Abenayake
Dr. A.B. Jayasinghe
Mr. K.P.D. Madusanka Town & Country Planning PhD GIS – Based Micro Simulation Spatio-Temporal transportation and Land use Model for Identifying the Most Suitable Location for a Shopping Complex in a Micro Area Dr. Chameera De Silva
Prof. Rangajeewa Rathnayake

Research completed

Name  Department  Degree  Topic of research  Supervisor/s 
Ms. Thanuja Ramachandra  Building Economics  MPhil  Study of the relationship between construction sector and economic growth in Sri Lanka  Prof. R. Rameezdeen 
Ms. G.I. Karunasena Building Economics MPhil   Dr. Srinath Perera
Ms. GBS Perera  Architecture  MPhil  Human exposure to street level air pollutants in Colombo and exploration of mitigation option using CFD modeling  Prof. M.P.R. Emmanuel 
Ms. Hiranthi Pathirana  Architecture  PhD  The concepts, principles and methodologies used in Sinhalese Jewellery  Prof. Nimal De Silva 
Mr. MGM Thariq  Architecture  PhD  Investigation of the interaction effects of sitting comfort and discomfort factors  Prof. Harsha Munasinghe,
Prof. John Abeysekera 
Mr. Ananda Ranasinghe  Building Economics  PhD  Principles of Natural Justice Arbitration  Prof. (Mrs.) Chitra Weddikkara 
Mrs. GM Ranatunga  Architecture  PhD  Process of causing influences on fashion of costumes  Prof. Nimal De Silva 
Mrs. B.A.K.S. Perera  Building Economics  M.Phil  Risk Identification and Risk Handling in Construction: A Consideration of the Project life cycle in Sri Lankan Road Projects  Prof. Lalith De Silva,
Prof. R. Rameezdeen 
Mrs. PVM Karunaratne  Architecture  PhD  Concepts and process of generating and communicating meanings in fashion of dress  Prof. Nimal De Silva 
Ms. WMND Ranasinghe  Integrated Design  MPhil   The key considerations to achieve design efficiency for functional use of domestic earthenware in Sri Lanka  Prof. Nimal De Silva 
Ms. KKGIC Samarasekara  Integrated Design  MPhil   The application of design innovation for increasing gem set jewellery exports in Sri Lanka  Prof. Nimal De Silva 
Mr. MDTE Abeynayake  Bulding Economics  MPhil  Critical Analysis of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods used in the Construction Industry in Sri Lanka  Prof. (Mrs.) Chitra Weddikkara 

Ms. AA Hettiarachchi 

Architecture  PhD  Colour Associated Thermal Perception: Manifestation and Contributing Factors with Reference to Red and Blue  Prof. Nimal De Silva 
Mr. NGR Perera  Architecture  PhD  Climate - Sensitive Urban Public Space: A Sustainable Approach to Urban Heat Island Mitigation in Colombo, Sri Lanka  Prof. P.K.S. Mahanama,
Prof. R. Emmanuel 
Ms. N.R.K. Thilakarathna  Bulding Economics  MPhil  Framework for Lean implementation in Construction Process  Prof. Lalith De Silva,
Prof. (Mrs.) Y.G. Sandanayake,
Dr. (Mrs.) Sepani Senaratne 
Mr. ADJ Fernando  Architecture  MPhil  Impacts of Restoration of Ulpotha Micro-cascade in Galkiriyakanda Cascade in Environment and Rural livelihood   Prof. M.S.Manawadu 
Ms. B.H. Mallawaarachchi  Building Economics  MPhil  Study of Built Environment Factors Influencing Occupants’ Productivity: Green Certified Office Buildings in Sri Lanka   Prof. Lalith De Silva,
Prof. R. Rameezdeen 
Ms. K.G.A.S. Waidyasekara  Building Economics  PhD  Sustainable use of water in construction projects: the case of Sri Lanka   Prof. Lalith De Silva,
Prof. R. Rameezdeen 
Ms. H. Chandanie  Building Economics  PhD  Merging academic research and industry development requirements for an innovative construction management practice  Prof. (Mrs.) Y.G. Sandanayake,
Dr. (Mrs.) Sepani Senaratne,
Dr. (Mrs.) N.G. Fernando 
Ms. S.S.M.R. Samarawickrama  Architecture  PhD  An analysis of the sinhala typography and the optical relationship and legibility  Prof. M.S. Manawadu,
Prof. Rathnasiri Arngala,
Dr. Girish Dalvi 
Ms. N.H.C. Manjula Building Economics MPhil   Dr. (Mrs.) E.N.D. De Silva
Ms. A.N.C.K.W. Gunaratne Architecture MPhil Development of a Theoretical framework to Facilitate creative Process in Architectural Design Education Dr. Janaka Wijesundara
Ms. R.M.N.U. Ratnayake Building Economics MPhil Management of business ethics in apparel industry context of employee behavior and working condition. Prof. (Mrs.) Yasangika Sandanayake
Dr. (Mrs.) G.I. Karunasena
Ms. A.U.A.A. Samaraweera  Building Economics PhD Role of project culture on construction project management  Prof. (Mrs.) Y.G. Sandanayake, 
Dr. (Mrs.) Sepani Senaratne 
Ms. A.S. Weerasinghe Building Economics MSc Impact of sustainable features on the life cycle cost (LCC) of green buildings in Sri lanka Dr. (Mrs.) Thanuja Ramachandra
Ms. H.W.T.P. Rathnasiri Building Economics MSc   Ch. Qs. Suranga Jayasena
Mr. T.L.W. Karunaratne Building Economics MSc   Dr. (Mrs.) P.G.T.S. Jayawickrama
Ms. K.L.A.K.T. Liyanage Building Economics MSc


Dr. (Mrs.) Anuradha Waidyasekara
Ms. Harshani Mallawarachchi
Ms. F.N. Abdeen Building Economics MSc


Prof. (Mrs.) Y.G. Sandanayake
Dr. (Mrs.) Thanuja Ramachandra
Ms. L.M.B.N. Kolugala Building Economics MSc


Ch. Qs. Suranga Jayasena
Ms. N.S. Jayasena Building Economics MSc   Ms. Harshini Mallawarachchi
Dr. (Mrs.) Anuradha Waidyasekara
Ms. D.M.P.P. Dissanayaka Building Economics MPhil     Dr. (Mrs.) Nirodha Gayani Fernando
Dr. (Mrs.) Sachie Gunatilake 
Ms. B.J. Ekanayake Building Economics MSc


Prof. (Mrs.) Yasangika Sandanayake
Dr. (Mrs.) Thanuja Ramachandra





Ms. A.L. Samarakkody Building Economics MSc Performance Measurement for the Development of Emerging Smart Cities: The Case of Sri Lanka Prof. (Mrs.) Udayangani Kulatunga
Dr. Dilum Bandara
Ms. T.M.M.P. Tennakoon Building Economics MSc Livability Defined: The Case of Colombo Sri Lanka Prof. (Mrs.) Udayangani Kulathunga
Ms. R.M.D.I.M. Rathnayake Building Economics MSc Enhancing   building   performance   of post   fire   refurbished   buildings   of apparel manufacturing sector in Sri Lanka Dr. (Mrs.) Pournima Sridarran                             Mr. Mahesh Abeynayake
Ms. S.D.I.A. Amarasinghe Building Economics MSc A modified quintuple helix innovation model for built environment life cycle assessment (LCA) integration Dr. (Mrs.) Hadiwattege Chandanie
Ms. H.G.M. Devindi Building Economics MPhil A Model for Forecasting Running Costs of Commercial Buildings in Sri Lanka Dr. (Mrs.) T. Ramachndra
Ms. W.S. Jayasinghe Architecture MPhil Appraising a Relationship Between Morphology and Energy Index of Office Buildings in Tropics: A Case of Urban Building Stock in Colombo Municipal Council Prof. (Mrs.) I.G.P. Rajapaksha
Ms. E.J. Warusavitharana Town and Country Planning PhD Open Technologies Based Tank Management Model for Flood Risk Reduction Prof. P.K.S. Mahanama 
Prof. Massimiliano Cannata
Ms. D.M.G.B.T. Kumarasiri   Building Economics MSc Cultural Beliefs and Assumptions of Community in Municipal Waste Management: The Case of Colombo Municipal Area Dr. (Mrs.) E.N.D. De Silva
Dr. (Mrs.) A.U.A.A. Samaraweera
Mrs. D.M.P.P. Dissanayake
Ms. N.F. Sabrina Building Economics MPhil   Dr. (Mrs.) Sachie Gunathilake
Dr. (Mrs.) Thanuja Ramachandra