“I came as a boy and left as a Man”


Name : Nishan Sharma Ghimire

Program : BSc (Hons) Materials Science and Engineering


“As a foreign student who was lucky enough to be enrolled at the University of Moratuwa, Department of Material Science and Engineering, I am thoroughly impressed by the level of professionalism, academic support and infrastructure provided by the campus. Studying in a whole new country in a completely different environment was tough at the beginning, but the support I received from my colleagues and the lecture panel was immeasurable. The lecturers were always very approachable, and in addition to academia, the university actively encouraged extracurricular activities as well, which made my educational journey all the more enjoyable. The course content was up to date and ever evolving, and the university and staff took a very hands-on approach towards learning, always encouraging us to “learn by doing”. Being an undergraduate at the university of Moratuwa was a fulfilling experience, and I am glad that I took the leap of faith to study in Sri Lanka”



“An incredible research experience”

Name : Taiki Hayata



I joined the University of Moratuwa under the AOTULE Exchange program and undertook an architectural research on tea factory buildings, offering a design proposal for one of the tea factories. My research experience was incredible, mainly because it helped me expand my horizons in every sense. The academic team was extremely helpful, from sharing their knowledge and in guiding me towards completing my research successfully, to going out of their way to introduce me to the culture and rich history of Sri Lanka. My colleagues were equally supportive, and although I was in a whole new country with a group of people I had never met, it never felt like that, and I managed to concentrate on my research and complete it successfully.

Research at the University of Moratuwa was a wholesome, wonderful experience!