Honours Degree of Bachelor of Design

Honours Degree of Bachelor of Design is a 4 year degree programme by full-time study, and is designed to provide a good foundation for advanced academic, professional and research studies in the disciplines related to Design. The degree programme provides a board-based curriculum of studies ranging from psychological condition of man to the social, environmental, technological issues in the field of Design.

BdesFieldVisitThe Foundation Year of Honours Degree Bachelor of Design (B.Des) focuses on the acquisition of concepts and skills necessary for understanding Design as a specialized activity, and presentation of such understanding for mutual assessment and sharing, and acquisition of ideas, concepts and skills necessary for design interventions. The theory modules with lectures, continues assessments, field visits and teamwork provide the necessary support to acquire such. At the end of second year first semester students are allowed to recognize their own orientation and intend to specialize in one of the following Design Fields of Specialization.

BdesFashionFashion and Lifestyle Design

Fashion and Lifestyle Design stream aims to give insights into significance of Fashion Design, as well as exploring a diverse range of Styles, Products and their associated Production Methods.



BdesMecoMedia and Communication Design

Media and Communication Design stream aims to produce professional in Creative Communication Design via creating academic environment of Visual Communication and Strategic Communication as well.


BDesProductProduct Design

Product Design stream aims to provide an education to prepare the students to address the current and future challenges in product design industry and product related services.