About Us


To become the frontier of design related higher education in national level, contributing a diverse range of design field professionals.


To incorporate a pragmatic and socially responsible approach to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching outcomes while providing design consultancy to inspire and serve the needs of the society through contemporary and traditional modes of thought, technology and media, while promoting the integration of different design fields.

Department of Integrated Design (DID) is an inimitable and intelligent design scholar community in the country which addresses firsthand the issues, needs and requirements of the design industry to grow and develop independently satisfying the current requirements of the country. 

The teaching methods of the Department follow the common goal of producing a designer to cater to emerging creative economy of Sri Lanka and it is the only state owned design education system which offers an exclusive design learning experience on the dynamic stream of design.

This integrated design solution approach which we embedded into our learning curricular system with the emphasis of inspiration values from the physical and the socio-cultural environment, has the potential of producing exceptional design initiators who can involve in forming a creative industry in the country as well as the international arena.