• A workshop conducted as a pre-conference event with the participation of both academia and industry. Held on 7rd of September 2019 at University of Moratuwa
  • Organized in collaboration with the Transportation Engineering Group of the Department of Civil Engineering
  • An illustrative full day session was conducted on different aspects of ITS along with well informative presentations

Opportunities for ITS applications in Sri Lanka

-Prof. Saman Bandara

Traffic signals and use of micro simulation tool for Traffic management

-Dr. Loshaka Perera & Dr. Nadika Jayasooriya

Vision-based Real-time Traffic Sensing Using AI on General Purpose a Embedded Hardware

-Prof. Rohan Munasinghe

Multi-modal Transport Data Analytics Platform

-Dr. Adeesha Wijayasiri

Use of video-based technologies in driver training and vehicle traffic management

-Dr. Chathura De Silva

Use of Crowd Source Data for Transport planning and Traffic management and Google Transit system update

-Dr. Dimantha De Silva

IoT-enabled Framework for Monitoring, Collecting and Analyzing Environmental Effects

-Mr. B. H. Sudantha

V2X communication

-Prof. Dileeka Dias

Road conditions surveys using Mobile application

-Dr. H.R. Pasindu

The use of digital image analysis for asphalt concrete mixture design

-Prof. Wasantha Mampearachchi