The Centre for IT Services (CITeS) was established in 2004. Dr. Sunimal Rathnayake is the current Director and Chief Executive Officer of CITeS.CITeS is in charge of the University IT Infrastructure, which includes the management of the university network backbone, general server administration, and the upkeep of communal computing facilities.

Under the Cisco networking centre, University of Moratuwa, we administer and operate the world's most prestigious network education programme. The ultimate purpose of our programme is to generate highly skilled network specialists for the IT industry. We also provide Cisco academic programmes

The CITeS technical personnel supervises the university IT support desk. We provide technical support and solutions to all academic, non-academic, and student ICT concerns. All parties can contact us using the Help-desk Ticketing System (helpdesk.uom.lk), email, phone, or go into CITeS.