MSDNAA Introduction



The Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) is a software licensing program for colleges and universities that teach and utilize technology. As a member UoM has received MSDNAA subscription that includes Microsoft operating systems, latest tools, server software and developer tool software.

This software may be installed on any number of departmental computers. In addition, the department's faculty and students may obtain a copy of the software to install on their home computers for academic and research work.

All the software is available for free download for any student or staff member with a valid University email address. You have to burn your own copy of the software from the downloaded CD image. The distribution of the software is managed using e-academy's automated distribution system ELMS. To download you will have to provide your UoM email account’s credentials. E-academy uses the address as a username and will send initial passwords, general instructions and license keys for downloaded software to this address.

Note: Center for IT Services (CITeS–UoM) cannot provide support for troubleshooting or support problems with software installations, errors while using the software, or developments with the software done in home computers. Similar concern on department computers must first be taken to department IT staff and CITeS will provide support as the last resort ( Such complains must be forwarded through the department IT personnel ). Each personal computer is unique and we cannot support individual configurations.