Manage the Backbone Network

University network infrastructure   is structured as a ring topology. Nine (9) nodes consist in the overall network Backbone. All the nodes are Layer 3 switches those are running over the OSPF protocol.10Gbps single mode fiber channel travels   over the network and 1Gbps multi mode fiber cable connection is used as back up over the network for disaster recoveries.

We interconnected 4 nodes in the first phase of the university network infrastructure implementation. We connected SUM node to IT node, IT to ENTC and ENTC to SUM.

In the second phase we connected more nodes with each other.SUM to ERE to MEC to Admin and IT to CIVIL to TEX.

In Sep 2012, Network Operating centre (NOC) was shifted to a new location .That caused us to disconnect the fiber link between IT and ETC. We connected IT and ENTC both nodes to new NOC node. University has already proposed two new links to interconnect ENTC to Admin and SUM to TEX.

We are a member of Lanka Education and Research Network (LEARN).We subscribe 240Mbps Internet bandwidth and 500Mbps Local bandwidththrough LEARN

manage backbone