Anti spam & Antivirus gateway User Guide

Since 2019 April University of Moratuwa Center for IT Services deployed a new Open source Anti-spam & Antivirus gateway for university email service. All UoM email users will receive a personalized spam report daily basis if the system has retained any suspected email.

Below you have some guidelines and a user guide how to customize and act to your personalized quarantine report.

  • To login to the spam filter visit and use your UoM credentials. Please note that the view is personal.
  • Once you logged in you will see all your blocked emails under Quarantine tab. You can release your mails one by one if you wish otherwise leave them under Quarantine. (When releasing please make sure the mail is a legitimate one)
  • Under Configuration tab you can find some settings which can customize your filter
    • Address Settings
      • Allows you to set the actions for future spams and newsletters.
      • Allows you to set Frequency of quarantine reports (You will receive a report daily by default)
      • Change the email address which reports are sending.
    • Whitelist
      • You can add trusted email addresses to whitelist. Future mails will not be blocked if it's from a whitelist address even if it's a spam. This functionality should be used as a temporary solution, as it decreases the overall protection.
    • Blacklist
      • The blacklist contains blacklisted sender addresses. Once you add an address to blacklist you will not receive any email from that mail.
  • For more information below user guide.