How Eduroam Works


High-speed wireless connectivity at hundreds of participating institutions worldwide. Eduroam allows any user from an eduroam participating site to get network access at  any  institution  connected to eduroam . Depending on local policies at the visited institutions, eduroam  participants  may   also have additional resources at their disposal.
user When a user requests authentication, the user's realm determines where the request is routed to
target For international roaming, a regional top-level RADIUS server is needed in order to roam the users  request to the right territory. Currently there are two top-level RADIUS servers deployed in Europe.
list Federation-level servers have a complete list of the participating eduroam institutions in that country. This is sufficient to guarantee roaming operations.
server Every institution that wants to participate in eduroam connects its institutional RADIUS server to the federation level RADIUS (FLR) server of the country where the institution is located.


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