Centralized Network Access

centralized network access











Wireless project has started in mid-2013.All the Funds were provided in HETC project. We have set up 25 access points in wireless controller as the 1st stage. This wireless controller supports for up to 500 access points and 7000 clients. We located these 25 accesses points in student’s highly crowded areas. We highly targeted student’s common areas in this phase as follows.

  • Library premises
  • Canteens
  • Sumanadasa Building
  • Electronic Building
  • Civil Building
  • Textile Building
  • Applied Building
  • New Chemical Building


We are going to implement more 25 access points as our 2nd stage of the project. This will mostly cover up the rest of the university premises.

These are some current features of our Centralized Wireless Network.

  • Wireless roaming.
  • Supported bands 802.11a/n, 802.11b/g/n.
  • Authentication from the centralized authentication server.