Welfare Division

Introduction and Scope

Head of the Division is a Senior Assistant Registrar. There are four Management Assistants attached to the division under division’s cadre and two Management Assistants under the cadre of Hostel Office.
The Welfare Division is providing following services to students;

  • Co-Ordination of Mahapola Higher Education Scholarship and other Scholarships
  • Selection and facilitating the payment of Bursaries
  • Handling Canteen Facilities for students
  • Handling Hostel Facilities
  • Facilitating formation of Student’s Unions, Clubs and Societies
  • Facilitating to obtain approval for events organizing by the students
  • Issuing forms/ letters to obtain Railway/ Bus Concessionary Season Tickets
  • Handling the service of “Sisu seriya” buses to students
  • Issuing Studentship Confirmation Letters, Student Progress Reports and Recommendation to obtain lap top computer loans
  • Conducting annual survey on Private Boarding Places within a radius of 2km from the university and providing those details to students

The Welfare Division is providing following services to staff;

  • Handling Agrahara Insurance Scheme for the University staff
  • Handling Medical Check-Up applications and coordinating with the relevant hospitals
  • Handling the activities relevant to Financial Assistance to staff at distress situations or accidents
  • Handling Canteen Facilities for the staff
  • Facilitating to obtain Donation/ Gift from the Vice- Chancellor’s Fund for those retiring/ death occurred whilst in service
  • Facilitating sales promotions as per the requests of staff unions  


  • Bursary selection 2022 - Notice
  • Procurement Notice - Providing Services at Staff Canteen - Download




Agrahara Insuarance Benifits Download
Agrahara Insuarance Application Sinhala / English
Agrahara Insuarance Claim Form Sinhala / English
Application for Medical Check-up Sinhala / English
Registered Private Boarding Places within a radius of 2km from the University of Moratuwa Download

Application for Railway Season Ticket

Application for Bus Season  Download

Application for the Financial Assistance to Staff Members of University of Moratuwa at a distress situation on medical grounds/accidents

Sinhala / English

Contact Details

Senior Assistant Registrar Extension 1951
  Direct 2650769