Appointment as a Country Representative for Sri Lanka - Erasmus Mundus Association

Published on
2022/12/16 - 12:22

Dr. R.M.D.S. Gunarathne from the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering was appointed as an Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) Country Representative for Sri Lanka from 28th October 2022  - 10th October 2024. Country Representative positions are volunteered by Erasmus Mundus Scholars. Country representatives are worked under the Outreach and Capacity Building Unit of EMA which is aimed at promoting EMA and Erasmus Mundus globally. They guide Erasmus Mundus prospects, students, and alumni to make the most out of the experience on its different stages. Furthermore, they are the main point of contact between EMA and Erasmus Mundus prospects, alumni, and students coming from the country they represent.