AIESEC in University of Moratuwa: Levering Legacy to More Beyond

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2023/10/27 - 12:31

AIESEC in University of Moratuwa was the first ever established local committee in Sri Lanka back in 1995. It is most known for its unwavering and outstanding commitment and dedication from its young leaders. The result of the utter dedicated young talent is recognized in the blazing colours of the awards won not just at the National level but also at the International level. AIESEC, as a global youth-led organization present in over 120 countries, has proved its excellence in creating young leaders who are well-equipped and confident in facing numerous, AIESEC Sri Lanka has constantly acted as an entity dedicated to creating talented young leaders across Sri Lanka.

AIESEC in University of Moratuwa, also known as AIESEC in Colombo South, showed tremendous achievement at the Gala Night of NATCON’23, which was held this year. NATCON’23 is a National Conference hosted by AIESEC Sri Lanka to elevate and upscale the potential leadership skills of young talent across Sri Lanka through challenging spaces. AIESEC in Colombo South excelled livelier at the NATCON’23 Gala Night, walking home with the Most Progressive Local Entity award, Activation Leadership – Incoming Global Volunteer, Excellence in Business Development, Excellence in External Relevance awards. What highlights AIESEC in Colombo South even more, is the fact that both the young talent award for the most prestigious award at the Gala Night was taken home by AIESEC in University of Moratuwa- Best Young Leader award won by Nisanya Pathirana and the Emerging Young Leader award won by Sadeesha Sathmina.

Furthermore, to setting sky-high achievements, the entity was nominated for the Most Outstanding Local Committee Award, Raaghavi Sivaneson was nominated for the Best Young Leader Award, Prabashi Wanigasinghe and Julian Silva were nominated for the Emerging Young Leader Award, Acting Sustainably Finance Award, Activating Leadership Incoming Global Talent Award, Excellence in Marketing Award, and the Excellence in Expansions Management Award.

When it comes to the recognition of AIESEC in Colombo South at the International level, the commitment and potential of the entity did not go unnoticed. Asia Pacific Summit 2023, which was held this year in Sri Lanka and organized by AIESEC Sri Lanka, which hosted over 22 Countries, is an Asia Pacific level Leadership Development Conference for AIESECers from the Asia Pacific region that has taken up the challenge of becoming a leader that strives to achieve peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential.

Leading in the forefront of delivering a potential youth base, AIESEC in Colombo South stroked the goal of winning the Regional Excellence Award, People Award, and Outstanding Collaborative Asia Pacific Entity Recognition. The unwavering commitment, in addition to the awards won, was showcased throughout the A2025 Award and Marketing Award nominations.

On a final note, it's not just the awards that add colour to AIESEC in University of Moratuwa but rather the efforts and dedication of the young people who take up the challenge through various roles and practical experiences. Hats off to the heroes behind the scenes whose hard work and devotion became the result of AIESEC in Colombo South to stand tall and proud with all blazing colours.

AIESEC in University of Moratuwa: Levering Legacy to More Beyond


AIESEC in University of Moratuwa: Levering Legacy to More Beyond