MSc / PG Diploma Remote Sensing and GIS

This course is for graduates who wish to develop their knowledge of the principles and applications of remote sensing (RS) and geographical information systems (GIS) to solve many

real-world problems. RS and GIS become key technology tools for the collection, storage and analysis of spatially referenced data. Industries that utilise these spatial technologies include

agriculture, forestry, mining, market research, natural resources management, environmental analysis including natural hazards as well as the social and medical science etc. The course focuses on collection, management and analysis of spatial data, and the development of technical and professional skills that can be used in the workplace or in research.


The programme consists of both core and optional elements. Core topics include: ArcGIS, ArcView and ERDAS Imagine software training; applications of very high spatial resolution

satellite data; new remote sensing techniques including ground based and airborne LiDAR applications; spatial data analysis and visualisation; digital terrain modelling; applied GIS and

remote sensing project, working with a research or industrial partner.


The course will allow you to integrate GIS skills with the power of satellite remote sensing and develop applied vocational and professional skills relevant to work or research. You will be able to work with tutors who have international research profi les in GIS and remote sensing, and the course offers environmentallyoriented training in GIS, which is unique in Sri Lanka


MSc and PG Diploma course structure provides considerable fl exibility allowing students to quickly gain the GIS and RS knowledge and qualifi cations they need today, and to add to

their credentials at a later date if necessary. Students develop  capacity for independent research, problem analysis and solution.


The Modules:


• Fundamentals of RS

• RS Platforms and Sensors

• Photogrammetry and Mapping

• Introduction to Digital Image Processing

• Introduction to Earth Resources Engineering

• Fundamentals of GIS

• GPS Technology and Navigation

• Advanced RS and Digital Image Processing

• Introduction to Programming and Database System

• Spatial Database System and Modeling

• Seminar on Applications of RS and GIS (Mini Project)

• Advanced Geoinformatics



• RS and GIS Applications in Environmental Analysis

• RS and GIS Applications in Natural Disaster Management

• RS and GIS Applications in Geosciences

• RS and GIS Applications in Water and Natural Resources Management

• RS and GIS Applications in Oceanography

• Web GIS MSc Project


Entry Requirements:

• The Degree of Bachelor of the Science in Engineering of the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka;


• Any other degree in a relevant field with two years of field experience where both the relevance and the experience are determined by the Faculty and approved by the Senate of the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.


Financial Information:

Tuition Fees:

PG Diploma : SLR 120,000(Local), 2000US$ ( Foreign)


MSc:  SLR 200,000 ( Local), 3500 US$ (Foreign)


Course Coordinator

Dr DMDOK Dissanayake

kithsiridissanayake@yahoo. com

Tel: (+94)112650301 Ext 5003

Applications & Further Details: