MSc / PG Diploma in Polymer Technology

Course Description:

The MSc programme gives individuals and industries the opportunity to develop their expertise in polymers; rubbers, plastics, composites and blends. The programme is conducted part-time, enabling you to continue your career while gaining further knowledge and qualifications.


Teaching is carried out by our well-experienced academic staff together with academics from other universities and institutions. Visiting lecturers from the industry are from time to time invited to give talks on industrial processors and product development. All lectures, practical sessions, presentations, industrial visits and examinations will be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays.


This programme consists of a combination of compulsory modules and optional modules and a research project. The project is only available for students registered for MSc. Its main objective is to provide training in techniques that are essential for research and development work and problem solving in the industry.


The Modules:


• Polymer Chemistry and Solution Properties of Polymers

• Polymer Physics

• Dry Rubber Technology

• Latex Technology

• Plastic Technology

• Rubber Processing

• Plastic Processing

• Polymer Technology

• Heat Transfer in Polymer System

• Polymer Characterisation

• Industrial Management

• Special Studies



• Design of Rubber and Plastic Products

• Mould and Die Design

• Polymer Composites, Blends and Alloys

• Surface Coatings, Adhesives and Polyurethane Technology

• Plant Utility Systems

• Total Environmental Quality


Entry Requirements:

The Degree of Bachelor of Science of Engineering of the University of Moratuwa, in fields of Chemical and Process Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Textile and Clothing Technology;


Any four year degree in engineering, science or technology in a relevant field from a recognised university, approved by the Senate;


Any four year degree in engineering in any other field and a minimum of one year appropriate experience;


Any three year degree in engineering, science or technology in a relevant field from a recognised university with a minimum period of one year of appropriate experience, approved by the Senate;


Any recognised category of membership of a recognised professional institution, obtained through an academic route, and a minimum of one year of appropriate experience after obtaining such membership, approved by the Senate.



MSc: Two years (part-time)

PG Dip: One year (part-time)



Prof. Jagath Premachandra

Course Coordinator

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