MSc /PG Diploma in Landscape Design

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Landscape design has been understood as the effective ordering of our environment in the past and it has been an activity attempted by all. However in a world with shortages of space, raw materials, dwindling natural resources and climate change, the need of this responsibility is delegated more and more to professional designers specialising in landscape design.


The objective of the course is to train landscape designers to be in the forefront of Sri Lankan landscape design practice who successfully integrate nature and culture producing innovative sustainable cost-effective environments. The course addresses the urban and natural environments at macro- and micro- levels. Students are encouraged to maintain high academic standards to seek philosophical approaches at concept formulation with careful consideration to detail design that echo the character of the existing site and its macro environments. Emphasis is made on the use of endemic and indigenous fl ora that supports Sri Lanka’s diverse avifauna and fauna. The student is made aware of the responsibilities of protecting and maintaining the character of the landscape environment for the future of Sri Lanka. The subjects in the first year (PG Diploma level).


History of Landscape Architecture

The study of the legacy of the rich historic heritage of Sri Lanka and other inspiring sites of the East and West.


The study of relevant aspects of the varying geological sites in Sri Lanka accompanied by study tours.

Ecology and Natural Resources

Study of ecology and its important effects on the landscape environments. Upholding biodiversity and the role played by forest landscapes. Study tours to Sinharaja and other related sites.

Plant Sciences( Soft Landscaping )

Study of flora. Importance of using endemic, indigenous flora in landscape design. Flora used for specific purpose such as shade, to uphold biodiversity, control erosion, act as visual barriers etc. Introducing the need to eliminate invasive species and highlighting its harmful effects.

Landscape Technology or Hard Landscaping

Study of selection of materials and design details such as steps, ramps, paving retaining walls, water feature, seats, light fittings etc, minimising the use of paving in order to avoid heat island effects and to encourage absorption of rain water. Introducing the need of details that are in relation to the specific design.

Landscape Design

Introduction to the design process by lectures site visits and assignments. Understanding analysis, brief concept formulation, design, detail design, maintenance and management. The students are encouraged to be site specific in their approach to design in order to showcase a Sri Lankan identity. The knowledge of the key subjects to be integrated in the landscape design. Year-two MSc in Landscape Design consists of a Dissertation and a Comprehensive Design.

Entry Requirements:

• The BSc (Built Environment) or BArch Degree of the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka;


• Any other degree in engineering, science, fine arts, design as approved by the Faculty of Architecture and the Senate.


MSc: Two years (part-time)

PG Dip: One year (part-time)

(Conducted on Fridays, Saturdays and other week days with prior notice)



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