MSc / PG Diploma in Interior Design

Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within an interior space of a structure to achieve an effective setting for diverse human activities. These solutions must be both functional and aesthetically attractive, while at the same time responding to given socio-cultural and socio-economic milieu of the building project. It is also paramount that interior designs adhere to regulatory requirements and encourage the principles of environmental sustainability. The design process of interior spaces, therefore, must follow a systematic and coordinated methodology, including research, analysis, and integration of knowledge into creative ideas.

Interior design graduates are employed in interior design and architectural practices where commissions may range from domestic interior design, retail and entertainment industry design, hospitality industry designs, corporate office design and large mixed non-traditional commissions. Interior designers may also seek work involving production design for fi lm and television, set design for theatre, one-off and modular furniture design, exhibition design, curatorial and event planning, and design journalism and publication.


Compulsory Modules:

• Interior Design Profession

• History of Interior Design-Sri Lanka

• History of Interior Design-World

• Theory of Interior Design

• Theory of Colour

• Principles of Interior Lighting

• Principles of Acoustical Design

• Space Planning and Furniture-I

• Ergonomics and Human Factors

• Materials and Production Technology

• Building Services

• Production Drawings

• Experiencing Interior Design and Case Studies

• Design Projects

• Research Methodology

• Dissertation


• Comprehensive Design Project


Elective Modules:

• Design Management and Entrepreneurship

• Space Planning and Furniture II

• Conservation of Interiors

• Freehand and Perspective Drawings

• Computer Aided Design

• Comprehensive Design Project

• Dissertation

• Cultural Studies

• Indoor Environmental Quality


Entry Requirements:

(i) Degree of Bachelor of Architecture or an equivalent degree;


(ii) Degree of Bachelor of Design or an equivalent honours degree and one year of relevant experience after obtaining the said degree;


(iii) Degree of Bachelor of Science of Built Environment and two years of relevant experience after obtaining the said degree;


(iv) The Voting Membership of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects.



MSc: Two years (part-time)

PG Dip: One year(part-time)

(Conducted on Fridays and Saturdays)



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