MSc / PG Diploma in Computer Science

The Master of Science in Computer Science is an exclusive, high quality postgraduate degree designed for professionals who have already obtained a good bachelor’s degree in computing, or equivalent. It combines a wide range of taught modules with a research project undertaken in the Department, or with an industry partner. It draws upon the quality teaching and research facilities of the Department and the Faculty of Engineering.


A unique feature of this course is our partnership with leading IT companies. Students benefi t from the combination of a high academic standard and the cutting-edge technology. An MSc in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is challenging and rewarding, equipping graduates for jobs in the industry. It also provides a solid foundation for further studies at the doctoral level. 


Programme Profile:


The following core courses, which are taken by all students, provide a solid foundation in computer science:


• Software Architecture Concepts

• System and Network Design

• Computer and Network Security

• Performance Modelling and Analysis

• Advanced Operating Systems

• Advanced Algorithms

• Research Seminar


hereafter, students may choose a broad-based programme or select one of the following specialisations: 

• Computer Networks

• Software Architecture

• Information Systems Security

A comprehensive research project is an integral part of the master’s degree. However, after completing the coursework, students may opt for a postgraduate diploma with a shorter project.


Application Process:

Prospective local and foreign applicants are invited to apply for the course in June of each year through public advertisements. All qualifi edapplicants will be notifi ed of their eligibility and will be invited for a selection test and a subsequent interview conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The postgraduate degree programmes of the Computer Science and Engineering Department commence in January of each year.


Eligibility Requirements:

• The Degree of Bachelor of Science of Engineering of the University of Moratuwa in a relevant fi eld, as may be approved by the Senate;


• Any other four-year degree in engineering, science or technology from a recognised University, in a relevant field of specialisation, as may be approved by the Senate;


• Any other three-year degree in engineering, science or technology from a recognised University, in a relevant field of specialisation, and a minimum period of experience of one year as may be approved by the Senate;


• Any recognised category of membership of a recognised professional institute obtained through an academic route with a minimum period of experience of one year as may be approved by the Senate.



MSc: Two years (part-time)

PG Dip: One year (part-time)

(Conducted on Saturdays and Weekday Evenings)

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Course Coordinator

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