MSc /PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

The Department of Computational Mathematics of the Faculty of Information Technology of University of Moratuwa offers firstever MSc in Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme in Sri Lanka. The primary objective of this programme is to impart the knowledge of theory and applications of modern artificial intelligence techniques to devise intelligent software solutions thereby ensuring multi-faceted career paths for the candidates. It covers a wide range of AI modules from the fundamental to the cutting-edge technologies.


This MSc Programme has been designed to inculcate research skills into students through a set of unique course modules, research methodologies, philosophy of science and scientific communication. The projects in this MSc exemplify the power of multi-agent systems, ontological modelling, brain machine interfacing and framework developments. A considerable percentage of projects in MSc in AI have a record of ensuring international publications annually. 


AI Research Laboratory 

The AI laboratory has been set up to conduct a wide spectrum of research in cognitive systems, machine learning and highend computing involving.


AI. For whom? 

MSc in Artificial Intelligence is ideal for those who intend to read for their Doctoral Degree in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or any other high-end computing area. Probationary lecturers in computing are encouraged to read the MSc in AI as a preparatory course for a PhD. 


Entry Requirements:

BSc (Hons) in IT, BSc (Hons) in IT&M of University of Moratwa;  

OR BSc (Hons) Engineering of University of Moratuwa;

OR four year degree in information technology, computer science, computer engineering or any other related field;

OR four year degree in a relevant fi led with a minimum of one year of experience; OR three year degree in a relevant filed with a minimum of two years of experience;

OR any recognised category of membership obtained through an academic route with a minimum of two years of experience as approved by the Senate.


Compulsory Modules:

• Programming Essentials for Artificial Intelligence

• Essentials of Artificial Intelligence

• Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence

• Distributed Computing Concepts for AI

• Deductive Reasoning and Logic Programming

• Neuroscience and Neuro-computing

• Evolutionary Computing

• Artificial Cognitive Systems

• Fuzzy Reasoning

• Data Mining and Data Warehousing

• Software Agents and Swarm Intelligence Elective Modules:

• Cryptography and Security Mechanisms

• Semantic Web and Ontological Engineering

• Intelligent Solutions for Industry

• Natural Language Processing

• Embedded Robotics

• Inductive Logic Programming

• Kansei Systems Compulsory only for MSc:

• Philosophy of Science

• Research Methodologies

• Scientific Communication

• Research Project


Duration of the Programme

MSc: Two years (part time)

PG Dip: One year (part time)