MBA / PG Diploma in Information Technology

The MBA in IT postgraduate degree programme combines the very best of a general MBA with further specialist knowledge in the area of information technology management. Conducted by a panel of experts drawn from academia, industry and public sector, this course aims to integrate best practices in management and businesses process to an IT professional with a range of skills. This postgraduate qualification is designed to produce the top-notch IT managers and business executives required by the fast expanding Sri Lankan IT industry.


This study programme is designed for the working professionals and the lectures are conducted on Saturdays full-day at the University of Moratuwa with additional evening lectures on 2 or 3 weekdays in Colombo.The six semester (two year) part-time degree programme consists of a common management core; an information technology core; electives from management; IT and computer science and a compulsory research project with a dissertation.


Core Modules:

• Organisational Behaviour and Management

• Economics for Business

• Marketing Management

• Accounting and Financial Management

• Strategic Management

• IT Project Management

• IT Policy and Planning

• Information System Management

• Information Security

• Communication and Presentation Skills

• Skills for Research Project

• Teamwork and Negotiation Skills

• Analysis for Managerial Decision Marking

• Research Project


Typical Elective Modules:


• Human Resource Management

• Supply Chain Management

• Management Information Systems

• E-Commerce; Principles and Infrastructure

• IT Procurement Management


Eligibility Requirements:


An Honours Bachelor’s Degree of the University of Moratuwa and a minimum of one year of experience; 


Any other four year degree from a recognised university and a minimum of one year of experience as may be approved by the Senate;


Any other three year degree from a recognised university and a minimum of two years of experience as may be approved by the Senate; 


Any recognised category of membership of a recognised professional institute obtained through an academic route with a minimum of two years of experience as may be approved

by the Senate.

Application Process:

Prospective local and foreign applicants are invited to apply for the course in June of each year through public advertisement. All qualifi edapplicants will be notifi ed of their eligibility and will be invited for a selection test and a subsequent interview conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The postgraduate degree programmes of the Department commence in January of each year.


For application forms:



Course Coordinators

011 264 0387, 0770 400 471