MBA / PG Diploma in e - Governance

The MBA in e-Governance programme of the Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Moratuwa envisages supporting the public sector organisations in their e-Government initiatives by providing specialised knowledge in IT, management and e-governance. This is the only postgraduate degree programme available in the Asian region that leads to a Master of Business Administration specialisingin e-Governance. The core curriculum of the programme consists of common management, e-governance and information technology subjects. A wide variety of electives is offered so that the students can strengthen their knowledge in special interest areas. In addition to the subject modules, the students reading for the MBA in e-Governance should carry out a research project. The MBA in e-Governance is a six semester (two-year) part-time postgraduate degree programme. Each semester consists of 14 weeks of academic activities. Lectures are held three week days in Colombo and on Saturdays at the University of Moratuwa.


Department of Computer Science and Engineering:


Since its inception in 1985, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the University of Moratuwa has played a leading role in producing highly skilled engineering professionals who have spearheaded the Sri Lankan IT industry. At present, the Department conducts an undergraduate engineering degree programme and three postgraduate degree programmes in the fi eld of computer science and engineering. In addition, the Department also offers several short courses on topics ranging from basic


computer awareness to advanced network design and administration targeted at professionals, organisations and the general public. Moreover, the Department has been actively contributing to national development by providing consultancy services for government and private sector organisations including projects of national importance. Teaching staff of the Department is comprised of high calibre academics and specialists drawn from the industry. To assure the highest quality of its programmes, the Department maintains close collaborations with foreign universities, professional institutes and industrial partners.


Program Outline:

• Public Sector Management

• IT Procurement Management

• E-Government Concepts

• E-Development Case Studies

• Interpretability and Integration in e-Government

• Legal Frameworks for e-Governance

• Organisational Behaviour and Management

• Accounting and Financial Management

• Marketing Management

• Business Communication and Presentation Skills

• IT Project Management

• IT Policy and Planning

• Information Systems Management

• Information Security

• Research Project


Eligibility Requirements:

An Honours Bachelor’s Degree of the University of Moratuwa and a minimum of one year of experience; 


Any other four year degree from a recognised university and a minimum of one year of experience as may be approved by the Senate;


Any other three year degree from a recognised university and a minimum of two years of experience as may be approved by the Senate;


Any recognised category of membership of a recognised professional institute obtained through an academic route with a minimum of two years of experience as may be approved by the Senate


For application forms:


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Course Coordinator

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