Welcome to the Department of Mathematics






Message from Head of Department

The origin of the Department of Mathematics can be traced back to a time even before the birth of the University in 1972 and even before the establishment of Ceylon College of Technology in 1966. Mathematics Department started with the Institute of Practical Technology which was founded in 1960. That was not surprising because without mathematics there would be no technical education.

Department of Mathematics has come a long way since then. Today, the department conducts three M.Sc. courses: Operational Research, Financial Mathematics and Business Statistics. Yet, the department’s top priority remains as providing necessary mathematical knowledge to our engineering undergraduate students.

After the Faculty of Engineering was established, the Department of Mathematics became a service department of the faculty. In semester I, the department offers one module: MA 1013 (Mathematics) which is common to all engineering undergraduates. This module covers Logic, Real Analysis and Vectors & Matrices. Then the students will be selected to specific engineering disciplines.

For students in any of those engineering disciplines, the department offers a wide range of course modules which are essential for the successful completion of that degree program. In addition, those course modules provide them with the analytical skills which will be useful throughout their careers. Even someone like a manager who wouldn’t need any mathematics after graduation will be benefitted from these skills.

The department has a well-qualified and experienced academic staff. In addition to teaching, some staff members are engaged in research activities in Applied Statistics and Mathematics. The department also provides Statistical Advisory Service and Mathematical Advisory Service for the university community. The university has a Mathematical Society which functions under the guidance of the Department of Mathematics.

Mr. U. A. Senevirathne, 

Head/Department of Mathematics