Internal Audit Division

What is internal audit?

Internal Audit is a process applied to strengthen systems and procedures to minimize risks and improve efficiency for the betterment of the institution, employees and the stakeholders.  It is not merely an exercise of detecting and reporting misappropriations of errors which have occurred. Internal Audit is to assist the management as a reporting agency in the process of decision making. Therefore, the Internal Auditor has access to any official documents, files, and books of records etc. belonging to the institution.

Who are we and what we do?

Within the university, the Internal Auditor carries out duties under the direct supervision and instructions of the Vice Chancellor. The Division is headed by the Deputy Internal Auditor and is supported by an Assistant Internal Auditor, five audit assistant and an office aid. The Division is assigned with the duties mentioned below.

  • Preparation of an Audit Programme and an Action Plan annually according to the instructions of FR 134.
  • Implementation of the Action Plan with the approval of the Audit Committee and the Council and with the concurrence of the Auditor General.
  • Reporting the observations regularly to the Vice Chancellor with copies of the communication to the Auditor General and the Internal Auditor of the UGC.
  • Issuing audit queries on observations made to Heads of Departments and Divisions with copies of the communication to the Auditor General and the Internal Auditor of the UGC while working on the Action Plan.
  • Reporting the progress on the work done quarterly to the Vice Chancellor and the Audit Committee with copies of the communication to the Auditor General and the Internal Auditor of the UGC.
  • Convening Audit Committee meetings regularly
  • Reporting Audit Committee recommendations to the Council
  • Taking follow up actions on the Auditor General’s queries and reports 
  • Conducting pre-audits of UPF refunds, gratuity payments, pension refunds and payments and bond calculations
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the existing procedures and making proposals to improve them
  • Reviewing compliance with procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Appearing in the Parliamentary COPE meetings as the Internal Auditor of the University
  • Carrying out duties as assigned by the Vice Chancellor.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a subcommittee of the Governing Council of the university and comprises of three council nominees, the internal auditor – UGC, the superintendent of audit in the capacity of an observer, heads of administrative and finance divisions (the Bursar and the Registrar) and the head of the internal audit division as the convener.

Members of the Audit Committee

  1. Mr. S.M.T.H. Subasinghe

(Chairman – Member appointed by the Council)

Managing Director

Moore Stephens Consulting (Pvt) Ltd

  1. Prof. (Mrs.) E.R.K. Perera

(Member appointed by the Council)

Emeritus Professor

Dept. of Animal Science

University of Peradeniya

  1. Mrs. A. Iddamalgoda

(Member appointed by the Council)

Human Resources Specialist

  1. Mrs. S.A.D.G.Manel - Superintendent of Audit


  1. Mr. M.M.J.R. Bogamuwa – Internal Auditor – UGC


  1. Mrs. W.M.D.P. Madawala Hulugalla

Registrar - University of Moratuwa

  1. Mr.K.A.D. Pushpakeerthi

Bursar – University of Moratuwa

  1. Mrs. Sudeni Peiris - Deputy Internal Auditor (Convener)
  1. Miss N.N. Sara - Assistant Internal Auditor

Our Team

  1. Deputy Internal Auditor

(Head of the department)

Ext: 1761

  1. Mrs. M.S.P. Peiris

Assistant Internal Auditor

Ext. 1763

  1. Ms. N.N. Sara

Audit Assistant 01 (IA01)

Ext. 1760

  1. Mr. P. Viraj Manojith

Audit Assistant 02 (IA02)

Ext. 1762

  1. Mr. M.C. Arjuna Dharmasiri

Audit Assistant 03 (IA 03)

Ext. 1765

  1. Ms. N. Rasini Hasangika Perera

Audit Assistant 04 (IA 04)

Ext. 1764

  1. Mrs. M.D. Bhagya Jayaweera

Audit Assistant 05 (IA 05)

Ext. 1764

  1. Mrs. W.A.D. Jeevani Lakmali Wickramasinghe

Works Aid

  1. Mr. K.A.G. Dilshan Kariyawasam

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