Spouted bed drying of black pepper

Dr. Gayani Jayatunga

Dried black pepper makes up one third of the world spice trade. Sri Lanka is a major producer of pepper, exporting about 10,000 MT annually. With its pungent aroma and medicinal properties, pepper adds value to the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

         Prof. Padma   

Gayani undertook a comprehensive study of drying, an important part of postharvest pepper processing. Her objective was to identify the best operational parameters of spouted bed drying such as air-velocity, drying temperature and bed height.

Data obtained from experiments were fitted to several drying models, the best one was identified, and four models were developed by correlating coefficients to bed height. These models were further refined to estimate drying time for chosen operational parameters. Dimensionless correlation was developed for the heat transfer process.

Through the outcomes of her research, Gayani developed recommendations for black pepper drying using the spouted bed dryer that also applies to other drying operations.


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