From Airport to Aerotropolis 

   Dr. Anuja Fernando

In 2019, ten million travelers passed through the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), though its capacity is only 6.5 million. A travel hub can bring an influx of foreign exchange through attractive product and service offerings. Travelers favour airports that offer a better experience in travel planning. Anuja’s quest was on transforming smaller airports such as the BIA to Aerotropolises.

Prof. Saman Bandara

Aerotropolises are areas around airports that have moved beyond core services such as landing, takeoff, passenger and baggage handling, to include venues for shopping, conferencing, sports, entertainment, relaxation etc.

Studying major airports, recommendations of international agencies on air travel, as well as passenger attitude surveys, Anuja identified key enablers for transformation. She then developed Airport City Effective Criteria (ACEC) to assess the readiness of an airport for moving towards an Aerotropolis.


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