Master of Business Analytics (MBAn)

MBAn program

The Decision Sciences Department of the Faculty of Business, University of Moratuwa, currently manages two of the three specializations offered under the Bachelor of Business Science Honours degree: Business Analytics and Financial Analytics and offers more than 40 undergraduate courses. Through the wide spectrum of courses offered, which focus on the mathematical, statistical and computing skills essential for solving complex business issues, we aim to produce graduates who can move beyond management as usual and use the power of data to drive smart decisions. Our inaugural part-time post-graduate taught program aims to provide a masters level training to STEM + HEM graduates working in the business analytics, data science and closely related sectors. 

A primary goal of the Master of Business Analytics (MBAn) programme would be to equip executives and managers with the skills to strengthen both technological and analytical capabilities of their organizations so that they can compete more effectively and grow sustainably. 

The programme is designed to: 

  • Offer students a broad, coherent, balanced and comprehensive portfolio of modules, covering the relevant disciplines of Business Analytics.
  • Convey the importance of analytics for management decision making using a variety of teaching and learning experiences including lectures, tutorials, case analyses and projects.
  • Provide students with the knowledge and skills required to solve complex problems in both technical and management areas at different hierarchical levels and to make data driven decisions.
  • Equip students with the skills and tools for effectively communicating analytical findings to specialist and non-specialist groups
  • Create an enquiring, analytical and creative approach to business issues, and encourage independent judgement, decision-making.
  • Instill students with leadership aspirations with the technical and quantitative skills required to effectively utilize data together with business and management knowledge. 
  • Produce decision-makers and critical thinkers who use analytics and problem-solving skills to make better decisions in the data-driven business world of the twenty-first century.

Program Overview

The Programme is structured as a four semester (1.5 year) degree programme. The semesters consist of taught course modules as well as the research a project.

Semester 1
Business Statistics Programming for Business Analytics Operations Research
Semester 2
Database Management Data Management & Visualization Statistical & Machine Learning
Semester 3
Data Mining Advanced Machine Learning Applications Analytics Practicum
Semester 4
Business Process Management (E) Time Series Econometrics (E) Spatial Data Analytics (E) Big Data Technologies (E)
Analytics Practicum (continued)

Eligibility Requirement

The selection of students to the Master’s Degree Programme will be made by the Department of Decision Sciences, in accordance with one of the following extended eligibility requirements, approved by the Senate.

  • An Honors Bachelor’s degree of the Faculty of Business, University of Moratuwa OR
  • Any other four (04) year degree in Business/Management or closely related area from a recognized University as may be approved by the Senate OR
  • Any other four (04) year non-business/non-management degree from a recognized University with a minimum of one (01) year period of appropriate post-qualifying experience as may be approved by the Senate OR 
  • Any three (03) year degree from a recognized University as may be approved by the Senate with a minimum of two (02) year period of appropriate post-qualifying experience OR
  • Any recognized professional qualification equivalent to a three (03) year degree obtained through an academic route/SLQF Level 5, as may be approved by the Senate with a minimum of two (02) year period of appropriate post-qualifying experience as may be approved by the Senate OR
  • Senior managers and entrepreneurs who have an exceptional and outstanding track record (The University will use separate admission procedure to determine the eligibility of such applicants under this category and the number of places allocated will be limited to 10% of the class size)

Selection Process

The selection to the MBAn degree Programmes is through an open competitive process. The applicant’s educational qualifications, professional qualifications, commitment to advanced study, demonstrated aptitude for analytical skills, and academic/professional references all contribute to the evaluation of a candidate. 

Course Fee and The Payment Structure

The course fee of Rs. 450,000/= can be paid in full at the commencement of the course. Payments can also be made in two installments of Rs. 225,000/= during the course period.

Application Procedure

  1. Download the fillable PDF Application form and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Fill the information on the PDF itself and save the file.
  3. Email the completed application PDF  along with the payment receipt and other documents on or before 14th February, 2023.

Payment Instructions

  • The Application Processing Fee of Rs. 1,500/- may be paid at any Bank of Ceylon branch in favor of University of Moratuwa, A/C No: 70993353, Bank of Ceylon, Katubedda..
  • Online bank transfers are also accepted. But ATM/CDM machine payments are not accepted.
  • For physical bank payments  write the payment reference as: "MBAn - Application fee". Also specify your NIC number.
  • For online payments state the payment reference as: "MBAn App".


Phone: 011 264 0270



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