Training Course on CNC Part Programming Using Pro/Engineer & SolidCAM

Training Course on CNC Part Programing Using PRO/E and SOLIDCAM

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Course Code: DM-INPT03  
Intake: 08
Target Group : Engineers, Mould Makers, Technical Officers, CNC Machine Operators, Lecturers, Instructors, Technical College Leavers
Entry requirement : Basic knowledge of Parametric Solid Modelling(preferably Pro/Engineer and/or SolidWorks)and Engineering / Technical Drawing.
Duration : 14 Weeks (Part-time)
Lectures - Weekends (Saturday)
Hands-on - Weekends (Saturday)
Schedule : Lectures, Assignments, Hands on sessions on CNC machines & a Project.
Group Size : 10-15 Participants
Course Fee : Rs, 36,720/= (payable in two installements)
Commence on :

Sunday, the 25th January 2015

Apply before :

Thursday, the 23rd December 2014

Course Content (Key topics)
Introduction to NC and CNC.
Fundamentals of Manual & Computer Assisted Part Programming.
Fundamentals of Computer Aided Part Program-ming using software packages.
Review of Wireframe, Surface & Solid Modelling Tools and Techniques.
Review of Surface and Solid Modelling using Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks.
Computer-Aided Part Programming (Modelling, Post-processing and generation of G-Codes for CNC Milling and Lathe).
Selection of cutting tool parameters.
Setting up of CNC machines (Milling and Lathe) and their operations.
Basic operations on CNC machines.