New Direction for Eathen Construction

  Dr. Nirosha Malkanthi

Supervisors: Prof. AADAJ Perera

Department: Civil Engineering 

Faculty: Engineering 

The history of the use of soil as a building material goes centuries back. Mud, adobe, rammed earth and bricks are traditionally available soil-based building materials.

Demand for burnt-bricks cannot be fulfilled due to scarcity of raw materials and other environmental issues with clay mining.  Cement blocks can replace the requirements of burnt-bricks however, associated demerits motivate innovators to find more sustainable building materials. Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB) is such alternative with different additives, including cement, fly ash, and lime. The concept of particle packing optimization was suggested to modify the soil grading to produce CSEB hence strength and durability properties can be enhanced.

using a conventional concrete mixing machine. The study also proved that conventional cement block making machine can be used to produce CSEB.

The residual finer generated through soil washing mixed with fly ash could be used for other soil-based building materials like burnt-bricks and roof tiles. Further, significant cost reduction in production of these building materials can be assured. This study suggested an effective way of utilizing waste and abundant soil by minimizing the adverse effect on the environment.



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