Emotional Intelligence as a Stimulator of Technology Strategy for Business Success

   Dr. Samangi Nanayakkara

Supervisors: Prof. (Ms.) VM Wickramasinghe, Dr. GD Samarasinghe

Department: Management of Technology 

Faculty: Engineering 

Quintessence of strategy is the capability of crafting and implementing business and technology strategies for superior value. However, there is a dearth of empirical studies investigating the effect of emotional capabilities in business and technology strategy.

Hence, the study aimed at an in-depth analysis of EI in facilitating technology strategy for business performance. The study derived a conceptual model and implemented a survey in the banking sector of Sri Lanka. The data was analysed using the structural equation modeling with Partial Least Square (PLS) technique.

The key implication is that EI is a critical determinant in a service-based environment in leading technology strategy to organizational performance. Thus, management of the Sri Lankan banks should have a concern for measuring the level of EI when recruiting managers, in training and in development programmes for executives on EI practices.



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