Knowledge Management for Improving Quality of Clinical Care 

   Dr. Lal Amararachchi

Supervisor: Prof. HSC Perera, Dr. KN Pulasinghe 

Department: Management of Technology

Faculty: Engineering 

Medical Practitioners (MPs) make potentially life-saving decisions while attempting to deal with clinical Information and knowledge. The need of having rapid access to the latest medical information to make critical decisions cannot be disputed.

However, the MPs in some developed countries have the privilege of accessing the latest medical information through Knowledge-Based Information Systems. Such facilities are not available in developing countries such as Sri Lanka.

A well-defined Knowledge Management System (KMS) has the potential to address many information and knowledge based clinical challenges. Thus, this research aimed to identify the requirements of an KMS for MPs in remote and rural Healthcare Institutions (HIs) and to develop a Knowledge Management framework for Clinical Care.

The proposed Clinical Care Knowledge Management (CCKM) framework was developed based on the requirements identified through a survey conducted among MPs attached to healthcare institutions in Kandy district. The framework is further refined and validated by means of the information obtained from selected medical experts. This CCKM framework will act as the prime resource in developing an efficient CCKM System.



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