Robots are Our Friends

   Dr. Chapa Sirithunga 

Supervisors: Prof. AGBP Jayasekara 

Department: Electrical Engineering 

Faculty: Engineering 

Intelligent robot companions that live with us can significantly improve our living standards. Therefore we want these robots to have human-like decision making skills and cognitive capabilities to tackle daily challenges in the surrounding.

Due to the higher acceptance from humans, these robots receive higher attention from the current research community as well.

Moratuwa Intelligent Robot, shortened as MiRob, is the first successful outcome of similar research conducted by the Intelligent Service Robotics Group (ISRG) of the department of Electrical Engineering-UoM. Tremendous effort of a team of Masters, MPhil and PhD students made MiRob project a success. Chapa Sirithunge, is the most recent graduate from the team, who recently defended her PhD with the Intelligent Service Robotics Group. Her research: Framework for Adaptive Human-Robot Interaction Initiation for Domestic Environments, was supervised by Prof. Buddhika Jayasekara, lead of the group.

Chapa’s thesis addressed the problem of perceiving nonverbals in human behavior and fusing human-environment semantic representations with a robot’s cognition before interacting with humans. The novelty lies in laying the background to relate nonverbal human behavior and the features of the environment to generate context-aware interactive responses during robot-initiated interaction.

A considerable amount of outstanding, international level research articles was originated with MiRob with this thesis. With these improvements, at present several other students are working on improving areas such as locomotion and environment mapping as a continuation of preexisted research.



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