Development of an Eco Flooring Coupled with Soil 

   Dr. Harsha Galabada

Supervisors: Prof. RU Halwathura, Dr.(Ms.)AHL Nilmini

Department: Civil Engineering 

Faculty: Engineering 

People are utilizing more and more resources as technology advances to meet their ever-increasing expectations for a decent living environment. As a result, it has a negative influence on the environment.

However, at present , people are more conscious on how their actions impact the environment and current industries, which has major consequences for future generations. In this context, the concept of sustainable development has formed. Since building materials are so important in sustainable development, this research aims at the feasibility of using earth as a flooring material.

Following a series of laboratory and field experiments, it was revealed that earth could be utilized as a structurally sound flooring material. This concrete floor uses cement, additives, and water in addition to soil as the raw material. For a better aesthetic appearance, the top surface of the concrete floor should be smoothed using a terrazzo cutting machine and be top coated for durability. The production method of this flooring system is energy efficient, low-cost, and it has great thermal comfortability. Through a three years of continues hard working, I managed to invent a marvelous flooring for converting the existing building industry into a more sustainable one.




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