An Open-Source Framework for Research Management

   Dr. Emeshi Warusawirharana

Supervisors: Prof. PKS Mahanama

Department: Town and Country Planning 

Faculty: Architecture 

Inclusion of hydrological modeling approaches for tank/reservoir water release decision-making is not practiced in Sri Lanka due to inadequacy of quality data, high cost of modeling software, and lack of expert knowledge on modeling tools.

Presently, the reservoir operators of Sri Lanka, release water from the reservoirs once it reaches a particular threshold. This current practicing way increases the potential for dam failures, downstream flood risk, and public outrage. Therefore, for a low-income country, a total open-source solution combined with low-cost open-source hardware, free and open-source software, and open standards was seen as the only possible way to overcome the flood risk associated with reservoirs.


Thanks to the 4ONSE (4 times Open and Non-conventional technologies for Sensing the Environment) project, a dense open-source sensor network has been deployed in the Deduru Oya watershed. The 4ONSE big data has been utilized to develop the tank/reservoir management model to simulate the reservoir inflow. The calibration and validation results of the model have revealed the potential of the open technologies-based tank management model in controlling reservoir floods cost-effectively. This research was supervised by Prof. P.K.S. Mahanama, University of Moratuwa and Prof. M. Cannata, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland.



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