To all Staff Members and Students

Published on
2017/10/08 - 14:51

Greeting Cards (New Year Cards) -2015It is pleased to inform you that the university of Moratuwa has decided to have an open competition in order to select a suitable design for the greeting card (New Year cards) - 2015. Hence, all the staff members and students are invited to forward their designs for the competition.Interested staffmember and students could submit their designs to the Senior Assistant Registrar/ General Administration on or before 17th October 2014.The following guideline must be follower when designing the cover page of the greeting card. 

  1. size. - 7  1/4" x 5"(inches)
  2. Color- Minimum 02 colors                         Maximum 04 colors
  3. The design is for the Seasonal Greeting (New Year) 2015

The winner of the competition would be entitled to receive 50 cards,  and his or her name would be appeared on backside of the greeting card. Senior Assistant Registrar/ General Administration