FARU 2022

FARU 2022, 15th FARU International Research Conference

The FARU Annual Conference will be held for the fifteenth year. This year FARU opens the platform to present virtual and in-person presentations on 02-03 December 2022 online and at the University of Moratuwa, Katubedda, Sri Lanka.

This year’s conference theme is ‘‘Independence and interdependence of sustainable spaces’’. It speaks of creating and conserving sustainable spaces that work independently, and the need to look at its interdependency beyond mere fragmented green solutions. It looks to a more holistic, comprehensive response which embraces concepts such as restoration, regeneration and co-evolution of ecosystems. It pledges for a continual improvement towards a whole and healthy integration of human activities with natural systems that engages all the key stakeholders and processes of the place – humans, other biotic systems, earth systems, and the consciousness that connects and energizes them.

Possible topics in the thematic selection includes (and not limited to) :

- Green products, buildings and cities
- Technology for simulating built form
- Making places for people
- Methods, tools and practices in delivering sustainable solutions
- Integrated systems, policy and governance
- Sustainable construction management


Please visit the conference website for more information.