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Theses and Dissertation

Theses and Dissertation

A dissertation is an essay advancing a new point of view resulting from research as a requirement for a Masters or other advanced academic degree. A thesis is a dissertation advancing an original point of view as a result of research, as a requirement for an MPhil or a PhD degree.

All postgraduate students at the University of Moratuwa should follow the under mentioned instructions before preparation of their higher degree theses and dissertations. Undergraduate students, who are required to submit a dissertation, should also follow these guidelines. The final copies of the theses/dissertations will not be accepted if the students have not prepared their theses/dissertations according to these guidelines.


MS WORD Template for theses/dissertations

LATEX Template for theses/dissertation

Library User Guide

library user guide

This user guide is a summary document that "guides" the user through all aspects of the Library, University of Moratuwa and provides information on the services, facilities and other activities of the library.
Online Renewal Guide

Online Renewal Guide

Users are provided the facility to renew their borrowed library items through the Internet using the Online Renewal Option of the Library’s Online Catalogue. This Book Renewal guide provides step-by-step instructions to users on the online renewal process. Please note that renewals and further borrowing is not possible if a user has overdue items in one's user’s account.


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