Borrow, Renew & Return


The UOM Library Membership is open only for the students and staff of the University of Moratuwa.

However, any person interested can request permission from the librarian to refer the resources at the library.

Borrowing Facilities

This section explains the number of loan items, duration and overdue charges for each member category.

Member Category

Type of Resource

Number of Items Allowed

Loan Period


Lending Resources


14 Days


Same as above

Depends on library deposit

28 Days


Same as above

Depends on category type



Fines will be levied for overdue items borrowed from the Lending collection as given below.



1-7 Days

Rs. 5.00 per day

First 2 Weeks

Rs. 10.00 per day

Next 7 Days

Rs. 7.50 per day

Next 2 Weeks

Rs. 15.00 per day

Beyond 14 Days

Rs. 10.00 per day

Beyond 4 Weeks

Rs. 20.00 per day

Maximum Fine

Rs. 2500 per item

Maximum Fine

Rs. 5000.00 per item

Lost Books

Please inform the Librarian about lost books in writing as soon as possible. Also, report to the Reader Services Office (near the main entrance, Tel: 0112650301 Ext 1502, 1510).

You can either replace the book with a new copy or pay the cost of the book. A processing fee could also be charged.