“Understanding the Reality and Living & Working Happily”

A motivational program on ““Understanding the Reality and Living & Working Happily was conducted by Dr. Ranil Sugathadasa, Senior Lecturer from Transport & Logistics Management of Faculty of Engineering for the library staff on 22nd March 2022. During the one-hour session, he presented several themes useful for the day to day life such as; The beauty of Self Love, Knowing how to love yourself, The power of a deep breath at a difficult moment, Techniques of understanding the exact reality, The power of gratitude in team work, How to help & motivate your co-workers, The power of meththa, generosity, love, empathy, kindness at your heart brain, How we can clean our heart brain from jealousy, frustration, competition, worry, hatred, How to live happily so that there will be no regrets at the deathbed, Why we should love our country and do our small duty to help our country.

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