International Conference and Symposia

1.International Symposium on Earth Resources Management and Environment (ISERME 2019)
2.Symposium of Natural/National Language Processing (SNLP 2019)
3.Moratuwa Engineering Research Conference 2019 (MERCon 2019)
4.12th FARU International Research Conference 2019
5.The 8th World Construction Symposium on Towards a smart, Sustainable and resilient Built Environment
6.2nd International Conference on Business Research 2019
7.4th International Conference on Information Technology Research 2019 (ICITR 2019)
1.International Conference in Technology Management (INCTOeM)
2.6th International conference on Cities, People and Places (ICCP 2018)
3.2018 Electrical Engineering Conference (EECon 2018)
4.The 7th World Construction Symposium on “Built Asset Sustainability: Rethinking Design, Construction and Operations
5.International Symposium on Earth Resource Management and Environment (ISERME 2018)
6.Natural Dye Convention 2018
7.Moratuwa Engineering Research Conference 2018 (MERCon 2018)
8.FOSS4G-ASIA-2018 Conference           
9.UMCSAWM water security conference 2018
10.3rd International Conference on Information Technology Research – ICITR 2018
11.Sri Lanka Design Code - Design Research Conference 2018
12.11th FARU International Research Conference “ Challenges and Opportunities for sustainable design future
1.International Conference on Cities, People and Places
2.International Conference on mining and Earth Resources Engineering
3.Moratuwa Engineering Research Conference 2017 (MERCon 2017)
4.10th International Research Conference “Typography Day 2017”
5.International Conference on Information Technology Research (ICITR)
6.The 6th World Construction Symposium on “What’s new and what’s next in the Buil- Environment Sustainability Agenda.
7.International Conference on Advances in Highway Engineering and Transportation Systems
8.Efficiency of Built Environment with climate extremes –Meeting Challenges and opportunities 10th FARU international research conference organized by Faculty of Architecture
9.International Conferences in Technology Management (iNCTeM)
10.International Symposium on IoT and Applied Analytics for a smart Society