Life at TLM

Life at TLM

The Department of Transport and Logistics Management at the University of Moratuwa is the first and only state University which offers an undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programs in Transport and Logistics Management. Staff is making the life of the students more exited and energetic using all the resources the department currently have. Delivery of course modules and Continuous Assessments are designed in a way that students are more engaged enthusiastically in the learning process. However, there are many other reasons the Life at TLM is enjoyable and futuristic.

Industry engagement

The curriculum of the Undergraduate Degree Program is developed with the consultation of the industry. Therefor the course modules are deigned accordance with the requirement of the industry to ensure that the TLM graduates are fit into to the industry as soon as they graduate. Department Industry Consultative Board is one of such meetings held annually to make sure the products match the industry. Weekly guest lecture series, mostly by industry experts make sure that the students’ skills and mind set is developed. Sametime TLM engage in consultative projects to solve industry problems and that knowledge is also transferred to undergraduates and postgraduates to know the real industry applications.


Department is passionate towards research in transport systems, supply Chain Management and Logistics Engineering with the strong staff capacity in research. Staff involves in real time industry research and projects solving ongoing problems nationally. In such a research culture, students can participate in these projects and have access to newest software tools used in transport systems planning and logistics Engineering.

Opportunity for postgraduate degree programs

Department offers opportunities for Research Degrees such as Masters, Mphils and PhDs in Transport and Logistics. With the strong research culture in the department, postgraduate students engage in innovative research in transport and logistics planning and operations. Either students can come up with their own interested topics or else can request the assistance of the staff accordance to their research interests.