Research areas/ types

A typical profile of research interests of the department would include; :- 

Public transport

  • Urban transport planning
  • ICT applications in public transport operations
  • Transport policy and economics
  • Transport demand modeling
  • Transport safety studies


  • Airline Operations and Business Management
  • Air Space Management
  • Aviation in Multimodal Transport Networks
  • Air Transport Policy and Economics
  • Airport terminal management

Supply Chain

  • ICT applications in supply chain management
  • Supply chain forecasting
  • Big data analytics in supply chain management
  • Health care operations and supply chain management
  • Supply chain risk management


  • Port operations and management
  • Maritime risk management
  • Maritime energy management
  • Maritime economics and business
  • Maritime in multimodal transport networks

Undergeaduate research projects

tlmThese are projects handled mostly by Final Year Undergraduate students under the direction of a supervisor who is an academic staff member, as part of their course work requirement for which they will receive a grade. Industry could contact the Coordinator of Undergraduate Research Projects Dr. N.P. Perera with request for investigating any typical industrial problem that would require a rigorous approach of research study and analysis. Such offers are expected to provide a small monetary grant to students to cover their expenses for data collection, travel etc, but not exceeding Rs 20,000/-. Request for projects from industry would be approved by the Head of Department and included in the list of projects to be offered to students every year. Each year 50 research projects are completed by Final Year Students.

Post graduate research projects

The Department offers MSc., MPhil and PhD research degrees, the details of which are found on the webPOST GRADUATE RESEARCH PROJECTS site of the Post Graduate Studies Division of the Faculty of Engineering. The admission requirement for each research degree program varies. MSc degrees are a one-year full time programs, while the MPhil and PhD can be done either full time or part time basis and have a minimum time period of 2 years or more.

Short-term research projects

Openings also exist for graduates from a relevant discipline who wish to engage as Research Assistants on short term basis to assist an ongoing research project handled by a member of the academic staff. Such Research Assistants would be paid a monthly allowance and provided with required facilities for short term research work which may range from 3 to 6 months in most cases.

Collaborative research and studies

Research and Development is one of the important aspects for the development of the industry. The TLM Department is prepared to engage in collaborative research and studies with the industry to solve problems based on the expertise available within the department. It is envisioned that by the year 2025 the Department of TLM would become the largest academic department in the South Asia specializing in the transport sector.

Industry sponsored research projects

The Department also undertakes research projects that are sponsored by industry, international agencies, government agencies etc. These may be contracted for a specific period of time and be agreed on mutual agreement based on scope, time and cost parameters. In certain cases, it may provide a source of funding for post graduate students enrolled for research degrees, by working for such projects especially when agencies which are their employers sponsor such research projects.