ICCPP - 2020

8th International Conference on Cities, People, Places
Its 1st ICCPP e-Conference - IC2P2 - 2020 (online event)
Cities in Distress: Covid-19 Pandemic and its Impact on Cities
November 23rd –30th, 2020 Colombo, Sri Lanka
Calling for Papers - Abstract Deadline: August 15, 2020
More info: www.iccpp.lk 
The ‘UOM Lab’- ‘Centre for Cities’ of the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in collaboration with the University of Bahrain is proudly announced the 8th ICCPP conference on Cities, People and Places (ON LINE event), and this is its first International e-Conference which will be held from November 23rd –30th, 2020 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
The online conference themes are open ended at the time of this announcement because we ourselves do not know, what would have happened in every city. Once the abstracts arrive, the Conference organizers will compile the themes emerging and organizing the sessions. As the first digital IC2P2 conference, it intends to play the role of ‘recording the aftermath of the Covid-19’ and its impact on cities as mapped out by the daring researchers of our cities.      
Following sub themes are proposed but not limited to:
a. Enhancing health and security in existing cities through urban design.
b. Emerging multicultural cities and public safety- Challenges for urban designers.
c. Issues of health and safety in super-diverse cities
d. Understanding the concept of health & safety - social, & cultural variations & diversity.
e. Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through planning and designing.
f. Delineating of public space & individual borders in urban space.
g. Practicing urban design, architecture and landscape architecture for safer settings.
h. New paradigms, ideas and tools for research in super diverse communities.
i. Inventing place-making practices with social distancing.
j. People’s participation in space and personal realm
k. Transit systems and health and safety.
l. Community care and new initiations
m. New directions for urban recreation 
With the theme of IC2P2 2020, it is going to be an exciting intellectual event for the Urban Design and we invite you to send your abstracts and start working on your papers. 
Paper proposals related to other humanistic, economic, social and technological issues of the cities are also welcome.
Dr. Janaka Wijesundara, Conference Chair - IC2P2-2020