MSc / PG Diploma in Business Statistics

Statistics is a much versatile subject which can be applied in almost any field. During the recent past, there has been an increasing demand to train executives in the government departments and private organisations to use statistics as a business and management tool. Thus, this course is designed for executives working in a business or an industrial environment who wish to expand their knowledge through a postgraduate qualifi cation in statistics, irrespective of the discipline of the first degree. Therefore, the course is structured withmore emphasis on hands-on skills in applying statistics to industrial problems and the use of common statistical packages used in data analysis.



This programme focuses on the application of statistics to the description, analysis, and forecasting of business data and to train students with excellent quantitative skills in data analysis and importantly able to communicate the statistical results to others and to derive scientific decisions based on statistical inferences which they can apply to the world of business, finance, banking and government policy-making.


Main Study Areas:

• Statistical Thinking Analysis and Communication

• Statistical Concepts, Inference and Modelling

• Multivariate Statistical Data Mining Techniques

• Operational Research

• Business Decision Modelling

• Survey Analysis in Business

• Financial Risk Management

• Business and Financial Mathematics

• Principles of Marketing

• Dissertation-to pool your expertise with that which you have learned on the course


Eligibility Requirements:

An Honours Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Moratuwa;


Any other four year degree in a relevant field from a recognised university as may be approved by the Senate;


Any other three year degree in a relevant field from a recognised university, and a minimum of one year of appropriate experience after obtaining such degree as may be approved by the Senate;


Any recognised category of membership of a recognised professional institute obtained through an academic route and with a minimum of one year of recognised appropriate experience after obtaining such membership as may be approved by the Senate.



MSc : Two years (part-time) Lectures are held during weekends



Dr TSG Peiris

The Course Coordinator

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