MEng / PG Diploma in Foundation Engineering and Earth Retaining Systems

The aim of the course is to provide a specialist training to  participating civil engineers in the analysis, design and  construction of building foundation and earth retaining systems,  improvement of soft soil, and solving various problem related geotechnical aspects. The taught part of the course is conducted  part-time on Fridays and Saturdays, so that participating engineers will be able to follow the course without interrupting their careers.


Course Structure:

Course leading to the Postgraduate Diploma.

This course spans over one year and consists of:

Lectures and other coursework (laboratory work, field work, design officework, computer

  work and assignment) in the subject specified in  the curriculum.

40 Credits
Design Project 4 Credit
Research Seminars 2 Credits


Course Modules:

Module Credits
Engineering Properties of Soil 4.5
Engineering Geology 3.5
Geotechnical Investigations 3.5

Design of Dewatering Systems and Ground 

Earth Retaining Systems 5.5
Ground Improvement Techniques 3.0
Design and Construction of Shallow Foundation 4.5
Structural Design of Foundation 3.5


One credit corresponds to approximately 14 hours of lectures or 28 hours of assignments. The above work will be held on Fridays and Saturdays. The performance of the candidate will be evaluated through coursework assignments and written examinations. During the course, the candidates will be required to undertake a group design project in the form of a comprehensive design involving design of foundations, ground improvements and earth retaining systems under the supervision of a staff member. A group will consist of four candidates. The progress of this project will be monitored through seminars. On completion of the design project, the group is required to submit a report and the performance of each individual candidate will be assessed based on the report and an oral examination. Course leading to the master of engineering curriculum for taught part of the course is identical to that of the postgraduate diploma course. In addition, each candidate for the MSc degree should undertake a suitable research project of 20 credits under the supervision of a staff member and complete it successfully. The progress of the research project will be monitored through regular seminars. On completion of the research project, the candidate is required to submit a thesis and the evaluation of performance will be made based on the thesis and oral examination.


One Year (Three Terms)


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