Faculty of Graduate Studies wishes to open up a UG/PG research support scheme especially targeting volunteer research engagement of UoM undergraduates with Research Students.   The exchange will be via a register that is available with FGS.   Any registered research student may place in a request for research support.   In parallel any undergraduate student who is keen to volunteer with time for a specific research area too can submit their availability.  

  Research Title Students Requested Research Support Required

Relationship between Sense of Place and Co-Creation Process

         3 Field works

Design and Development of Efficiency Enhanced Thin-Film Solar Cell


Cell Simulation and Fabrication

3. Intelligent Wheelchair System with Natural Language Descriptions and Multisensory Information Fusion for Improved Semantic Representations of Navigational Environment         2

Data labelling, Data formatting, Data cleaning


Understanding emotional and spatial uncertainties in navigational vocal commands by fusing hand gesture cues for assistive robots

        2 Conducting Human studies, Data collecting and analysis

Contact: dms-fgs@uom.lk to engage with any of the above research support.