Faculty of Architecture
Department of Architecture
MSc/PG Diploma in Architectural Conservation of Monuments and Sites (ACOMAS)
MSc/PG Diploma in Interior Design
MSc/PG Diploma in Urban Design
MSc/PG Diploma in Landscape Design
Department of Building Economics
MSc/PG Diploma in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution
M.Sc. / P.G Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health Management
MSc/PG Diploma in Project Management
Department of Town and Country Planning
MSc in Spatial Planning, Management and Design
M.Sc. PG Dip in Environmental Planning
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Chemical and Process Engineering
M.Sc/PG Diploma in Polymer Technology
M.Sc/PG Diploma in Sustainable Process Development
Department of Civil Engineering
MEng/PG Diploma in Construction Project Management
MSc/PG Diploma in Environmental Engineering and Management
MSc/PG Diploma in Environmental Management
MEng/PG Diploma in Foundation Engineering and Earth Retaining Systems
MEng/PG Diploma in Highways and Traffic Engineering
MBA/PG Diploma in Project Management
MEng/PG Diploma in Structural Engineering Design
MSc/PG Diploma in Transportation
MEng/PG Diploma in Water Resource Engineering and Management
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
MSc/PG Diploma in Computer Science
MBA/PG Diploma in e - Governance
MBA/PG Diploma in Information Technology
Department of Earth Resource Engineering
MSc/PG Diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS
Department of Electrical Engineering
MSc/PG Diploma in Electrical Engineering
MSc/PG Diploma in Electrical Installation
MSc/PG Diploma in Industrial Automation
Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering
MSc/PG Diploma in Electronics and Automation
MSc/PG Diploma in Telecommunication
Department of Transport and Logistic Management
PG Diploma in Business Administration specialized in Supply Chain Management
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
MSc. / PG Dip in Materials Science
Department of Mathematics
MSc. / PG Dip.in Financial Mathematics
MSc. / PG Dip.in Operational Research
MSc. / PG Dip.In Business Statistics
Department of Mechanical Engineering
MBA/PG Diploma in Manufacturing Systems Engineering
MBA/PG Diploma in Building Services Engineering
MBA/PG Diploma in Energy Technology
Department of Textile and Clothing Technology
MSc/PG Diploma in Textile and Clothing Management
Faculty of Information Technology  
Department of Information Technology
MSc/PG Diploma in Information Technology
MSc/PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence